Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Police: Firefighter Mark Farwell Wanted Sex With Mom & Daughter

Suspect traveled from NC to FL:

A 38-year-old firefighter from North Carolina has been arrested after allegedly arranging a sexual encounter with a woman and her 7-year-old daughter.

Police say Mark Floyd Farwell, of Larchmont Circle, contacted someone whom he believed to a woman in an online chat room and purportedly planned to meet her so that he could engage in sex with the both of them.

Luckily, there was no mom and daughter but instead an undercover officer posing as the mother.

Investigators had been working the case via the internet and telephone for 10 long months before Farwell finally took the bait and traveled to Florida to meet the woman. He was arrested at the arranged location.

Farwell had been employed as a firefighter at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

Besides the above MySpace profile, Farwell maintained another one found here.


  1. Don't judge Mark by his pictures.I have known Mark all his life. He is not the type to behave like this. He never got in any trouble growning up. He didn't use bad language. He was an all American Boy. If any thing I think and believe Mark went to see what kind of woman would suggest such acts for her daughter. I believe he was just playing with the computer and got caught up with this mess. I think Mark should be allowed to get out of jail and come to New YORK to be with his family. Everyone is hurting over this. And to top it off, his mother has come down with Alzhiemers and His father has only a short time to live. He has cancer throuh out his body and cries because he wants to see Mark at least one more time. But he hasn't got the time to wait to see what the court is doing. Or what they plan on doing. The truth is Marks family has never done anything wrong. They are all outstanding people in the community. And Mark should be allowed to come home for his dads sake. I Tell this with an honest heart. Send Mark back to New York where he is wanted and loved. Please Ruth

    1. I thought he was a nice person also until he sexually abused my granddaughter on Mother's day of this year he just got arrested Thursday he's a scum

  2. Support, eh... Well, prepare yourself now for a host of replies that sound much like so: 'he goin 2 jail he did crime. burn in hell accussed man!! i knew him in high scool n he was bad back then so i know he did it, he said back then that he was gonna do this crime one day. my dad is a sherif.' And so on...

  3. Are you kidding me??? I agree send him back to NY...send him to Rikers Island, Sing Sing...any number of good prisons where the other felons will beat his ass like it should be beat! I don't care how much good he mess with a kid you deserve to be buried under the prison!!

  4. This man was a teacher to me and years later i still think of him. Only a goolgle search turned this mess up, I think this is bull shit. Bret Hitchcok

  5. Sorry that your hero plunged from his pedestal. The cops had transcripts and recordings of him being a perv.

    He' guilty, and is on the registered sex offender list.

  6. He sure not the only one in fire dept. MAR MAC Fire Dept. In Dudley NC. Some of them are in both Wayne County sheriff dept. Plus Wayne fire dept. together. Here in Wayne County need to be investigate real bad. Theirs a Big SEX & PORN Ring tie to Wayne County sheriff dept. & Fire dept. & EMS . They could check out theirs MYSPACE & FACEBOOK. etc. Its real bad for children. Who can you trust when sheriff Deputies is in it. I hope it stop soon. here in MT Olive NC , Dudley NC , Goldsboro NC .

  7. He not the only one . MAR MAC Fire Dept. & EMS & Other Wayne County Fire dept. & Some of Wayne County Sheriff Deputies are in a SEX & PORN Ring with Children as well. Theirs need to be a full investigation on this from outside the county. Just look at theirs Facebook & MySpace . From past when they think they were untouchable. That in Goldsboro NC , Dudley NC , Mt Olive , NC ..


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