Saturday, October 4, 2008

Police: Soldier Admits Involvement In Murder Of Wife

Two suspects arrested in death of soldier:

In Fort Bragg North Carolina two soldier's have been charged with murdering one of their own. Even more shocking is one of the suspects in the case had been married to the victim.

Police say that Sgt. Richard David Smith, 26, admitted to them that he conspired with Pfc. Matthew Wayne Kvapil to stab his wife to death near their home sometime on Tuesday, September 30th.

Richard Smith allegedly stated to them that he had lured Sgt. Christina E. Smith, his wife, to take a walk with him down a street on Tuesday knowing full well that Matthew Kvapil was hiding with a knife and ready to attack her.

At some point during the walk Christina was stabbed in the neck by Kvapil. Sadly, she was found in a pool of her own blood and was taken to a hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Matthew Wayne Kvapil

When officers originally questioned Richard what had happened he told them that he and his wife were ambushed. The attacker then stabbed his wife in the neck and suddenly ran off.

Investigators noticed that amazingly Richard had not been injured during the attack and they didn't buy his story. Later Richard Smith and Matthew Kvapil were arrested for her murder.

Police say all three had worked together on the 4th Psychological Operations Group in Fort Bragg.

Unfortunately, I could not locate a MySpace profile for Richard Smith but Steve Huff of the True Crime Report has a lot more information on this case.

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  1. If he didn't love her, he should have never gotten married. He killed more people emotionally then he may have thought about, heartless. God bless your soul; you'll need it when its your turn to go- you sinner.

    I don't quite understand why someone would want to murder someone that was at one point your whole life..


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