Monday, October 13, 2008

Woman Charged With Rape

Incidents purportedly began occurring in 1995:

A 33-year-old Pennsylvania woman appeared in court on Thursday on charges that she sexually assaulted a boy for an 11-year-period.

According to court records, Tracy Vasholz, of Wanamie, waived (or gave up) her right to a preliminary hearing.

The alleged assaults are believed to have occurred at various locations near her residence between January 1995 to August 2006.

Unfortunately, Tracy Vasholz has set her MySpace profile recently to private, so the above cache is courtesy of Google.

However, she also maintains an AIM profile which you can find by clicking here.

UPDATE: Vasholz sentenced to 4-8 years. Thanks to To Catch A Female Predator for the update.


  1. I knew this big bubba bully (as we called her!) from 1993-1995 when I realized that she was NEVER a friend of mine! We KNEW she was a sicko, but I never thought she would stoop THIS low! She bossed me around and intimidated me. I was a weak "enabler" back then...but then again, she was 3 times my size! Now she's 5 times my size! I was also soo lucky to be trapped in her apartment with her during the blizzard of 1993! All she did was lay in bed all day and play with the damn lazy to even bathe! GROSS WOMAN! I FINALLY woke up and realized that she wasn't normal. I guess I felt sorry for her?! Even with the way she treated me! BIG WOMAN, WITH BIG MOUTH! NOTHING BUT A BULLY! LEAVE CHILDREN ALONE! AND, God Bless your son!

  2. Yea I had the unfortunate experience of knowing her too. She always walked around like she was the boss, the toughest, and the sexiest. NASTY! It's a nice thought to think that big fat nose of hers is going to be smashed in when the sisters in the pen get a hold of her. She is still pretending like life is OK. Too bad her family and her supposed man doesn't know what she really did all of those years behind closed doors. News flash:: The guy she married, I think he is from the west, she met online and he moved here for the cow. She just found out he isn't the babies Daddy. She's a horror show and even when I knew her back in the day, all I can say was the only reason I ever f***ed the cow is bcuz she was EASY. It sickens me to know what she was doing all of those years. Filthy PIG

  3. Tracy Vasholz is now jailed and listed as a sexually violent predator for life under Megan's Law.,0,6930021.story

    1. She's always been a two bit skank i came to in a drunken haze to her performing oral sex on me,at a party. Her own family member thats truly disgusting!!!!! Not that any child would have been any better,but she betrayed the trust of that little boy whom probally thought its family it must be alright

  4. What a pig!!!!!!!!!!


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