Thursday, November 6, 2008

David Esarey Has Been A Very Bad Youth Minister, Say Police

Connecticut state police have charged a Monroe youth minister on accusations that he e-mailed a 15-year-old girl explicit photos of himself to her.

The suspect, 30-year-old David Esarey, of Newton, is also accused of engaging in a sexually charged conversation with the girl, whom he often counseled.

Police say the case began when a church member, using Esarey's computer, attempted to try and find various pictures related to the youth group members but instead stumbled upon a naked photo of the 15-year-old. Obviously concerned, the individual contacted the lead pastor who in turn contacted the girl's mother.

Soon, mom did a little digging of her own and discovered an e-mail purportedly sent by Esarey in which he discussed engaging in sexual activity with her daughter. In several other classy e-mails, the youth minister reportedly e-mailed the girl a picture his genitals.

Officials close to the case say the girl had originally gone to see Esarey about the meaning of God but at some point the conversations drifted into a whole different area, such as oral sex and sexual intercourse.

When police confronted him, Esarey admitted he did counsel the girl but denied any wrong doing. In fact, he claimed there was a number of teens interested in having sex with her, so it was them who might have used the church computer as well his personal cell phone.

Esarey, who is married, had been the youth minister at the Stepney Baptist Church in Monroe since 2005, and while his information has since been removed from the church website, a cache reveals a short bio of him.

UPDATE: Esarey pleads guilty.

UPDATE II: Esarey convicted


  1. He's a really bad youth group director huh? Have you seen the changes he's made! apparently not. This girl, obviously she has problems if she needs counseling. I know he would never do something and if he did I know he would confess because it is who he is. To the girl, and I know who you are, you better confess because we all know the real truth! This is bullshit! Don't ruin the innocense of a man, and take your consequences! You made this, you deal with it!

  2. This article does NOT belong on this blog... First of all, there was no sexual contact between the two. Secondly, the girl admitted to sending the naked picture of herself. Thirdly, this girl has had a crush on the youth minister for quite some time. It's pretty obvious that she's at the bottom of this. Is it surprising that all of this is coming out right after he announced his engagement and right before his wedding?

    Situations like this are just unfair. We always want to side with the children because a crime against children especially of a sexual nature is just about the most heinous crime there could be. But teenagers aren't children and they can be vindictive.

  3. But teenagers are defined as children under the current law.

    If somehow the alleged victim was vindictive and planted evidence or what not I'm sure the charges will be lessened or possibly dropped.

    But I doubt that's going to happen.

  4. i dont think ppl should jump to conclusions about this guy. okay maybe he did tlk to this girl alright he should face the consequences. but what about the girl did she say anything!!! i tthink not she was in it too and she shouls know the truth. Im only 11 and i hate myspace. IV had one but i forgot the pass like years aago and never been on it since. but i hate the website now and always will!!!!!

  5. It's a sad day when those who spend their lives helping others, have it all thrown back at them by the same people they are trying to help. I believe that there are individuals out there who behave inappropriately with teenagers; it's sick and disgusting, but it's true. However, I know in my heart that David Esarey is not one of these individuals. I really hope that someone is actually trying to get to the bottom of this. The lies that this girl has told need to be brought to light. David grew up in that church for most of his life. They have seen his character, and know that he is a good person. They know in their hearts that he would never do something like this. I don't understand why it is so easy for some to let doubt overtake their minds. Where's the faith people?

  6. Wow it is amazing when people will defend to the end even when they say they have evidence. I'm sure she didn't take a picture of his genitals and put them on her computer. He might of been an awesome youth minister doesn't mean he's a saint. I feel sorry for that girl with all of you attacking her like it's her fault, it's people like you that make it hard for victims to come forward.

  7. IT is the girls fault!!! And i hope she gets what is coming to her! Crazy kids, that think they need to punish awesome men of God cause they have a crush and didnt get what they want! Its horrible and sad, and i hope that eventually she gets what is coming to her for putting david and his awesome wife through this year of Hell.


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