Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mark Fleischman Charged In Rape Of 3 Women

Suspect met victims online, say police:

A 39-year-old Minnesota man has been arrested on charges that he raped several women on various online websites, one including MySpace.

Investigators say, Mark Fleischman, of Minnetonka, was originally jailed in October after a 33-year-old woman notified them that she had been raped by Fleischman, whom she had met on

Shortly thereafter, another woman came forward and told police that she too was raped by Fleischman. The alleged victim told detectives that she had met him over on MySpace.

Now, a 26-year-old woman has come forward and is accusing Fleischman of the very same thing. The Cambridge woman told police that after he came over to her house he spiked her drink with a date-rape drug. After she passed out, Fleischman sexually assaulted her and then left the premises.

The Minneapolis Police Sex Crimes Unit is asking anyone with information on Fleischman to contact them at 612-673-3081.

Besides the above MySpace profile, I've included Fleischam's plentyoffish profile which can be found by clicking this as well as another dating site found here.


  1. He lived two doors down from me!

    Myspace doesn't work anymore.

  2. he was our handyman.

    he currently has a warrant out in isanti county. if you see him, call the police.

  3. He is is jail.... duh...

  4. I like how all the "jokes" on is fish page are stolen.

  5. I use to go out with him...But he was never like this

  6. As I can see time has past since someone posted something about Mark. First of all one should know that Mark would never hurt a fly. I know him very well and I may know him a lot longer than anyone here (outside of family). I myself dated Mark and I know how he is and he would never have sex with a woman that is unconcious. Mark is one who loves the kissing and holding and being romantic.But he will not be anything unless the woman initiates the first move. He has always been very shy when it comes to intamacy. Details on the events are not even said here. One should ask how many drinks these women had? I know one was already tippsy when He met her. The other was known to take downers. Mixing any kind of medication with alcohol will make you drousy. Mark is an innocent man and these women know it. The only reason they have not taken back their statement is because they don't want to look like fools. He has lost everything because these women passed out. I honestly believe that they should be interviewed and all the bars they went to should be as well. Do Not blame someone just because they happen to be with you. God knows the truth and the truth will come out. My heart knows deep inside that he did not do this. This case lacks a lot and with God by his side I know he will win. Please if you do not know who Mark truly is don't be posting your hate on him for he would never hurt a fly. If you wonder do I say this out of love, I do for one reason. No one desearves what he is going through. No one but one said Innocent till proven guilty the world seems to condem before the knowlege is out. If these women had any heartship with God they would come foward and stop this mess before a person looses his freedom.


    Good riddance!!!

  8. Well, Angel Heart, apparently you didn't know him as well as you thought. God was by his side and found his raping ass GUILTY. Bah!


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