Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rodney Bahm Arrested For Rape Of Child

Suspect knew victim, states report:

A 23-year-old Louisiana man was arrested by police on Wednesday on charges that he raped a little 4-year-old girl.

Rodney Bruce Bahm, of Ball, is accused of assaulting the girl on at least two different occasions. A report states that Bahm does know the victim.

Bahm has been charged with aggravated rape, sexual battery and two counts of oral sexual battery but investigators say more charges could come as their investigation deepens.

On his above MySpace profile, Bahm states that he had been attending LSU in hopes of obtaining a degree in journalism.


  1. fuck you assholes you don't even know the guy and you sticking your two fucking sense in go fuck a goat

  2. I went to school with Rodney and I'm disappointed to find out he did this.

  3. Rodney's my brother and I love him, we have been through thingsmost of you people have never even thought of you have no right to do this to him he WAS caught AND he's in jail now.i can honestly say he did'nt use myspace as a tool he created that like 3 years ago because we were bored one night.
    he has problems and this article is definatly a prime example of this i hope he gets ass raped for the rest of his life for this too
    but you fuckers out there who just take it upon yourselves to blast him all over the internet really need to get a day job and don't quit it you do NOT know him personally. All you do is scower the internet and find these news stories while you eat your fucking hot pockets in your mothers basement while she yiffs your dad in an anteater costume, thats right I said yiff look it up you have time you fucking losers

  4. Thanks Scott! I too hope your brother gets violently raped in prison for years to come as well.

    Also, while I appreciate your brilliant insight into the matter at hand, I do have a real big problem with you knocking "Hot Pockets".

    Honestly, would you really deny your pot-munchie smoking friends a lip smacking midnight tasty treat?

    Especially on Thanksgiving Scott? Come On!

    Oh well, hey, at least take note of the fact that you've not only sold your flesh and blood brother's guilt on an open forum but also shamelessly trashed those yummy (yum-yum) affordable Hot Pockets.

    BTW, it's my mother in that "anteater" costume you bastard peeping tom, you!

    And yes she is HOT, and my Dad likes it...So Screw You!!

  5. You know scott your words don't mean too much when it is you're family member who did these unnatural acts against a child so you take it like a man and deal with it instead of blaming people for their views on it. It's a free world so this is the hand you got dealt. You are the one that needs a job and keep the damn thing and quit bashing on people who are at least trying. So Rodney got what he deserved, yeah. You need to shut up.


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