Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Family Man Michael Barrett Arrested On Child Porn Charges

Jailed after lengthy investigation:

After a year-long investigation police in Illinois have arrested a 31-year-old Coal City man on accusations that he possessed child pornography.

Michael Q. Barrett, 31, was taken into custody after investigators searched his residence and recovered various pornographic images of young children.

Barrett, who is married with three children, was questioned by police and released after posting $1,000 bond.


  1. This man is innocent you guys wanna post anything you want about people and you dont care about what happens to thier image... my father isnt a sex offender a sex offender is some one who goes out and has SEX with a minor or forces women or men. you need to get your facts straight. my dad is INNOCENT!!!!

    1. A sex offender is not defind by age or act but rather the indecent want desire or belife that ones personal desires are so uncontrolabe that they violate the base rules of morality . Ur dads an issue

  2. Anyone who collects child porn photos and videos is a perv and a sex offender. Child, is this your daddy?

  3. Of course he's innocent Anon! Why, because he's your Dad, right? He would NEVER do something like that, right? Please, spare us the bullshit. Come back after he gets sentenced and spill us the details. And where do you see the words "sex offender" ANYWHERE?? He's a pedophile. Is that better?


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