Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Kelly Layne Lau Arrested In Teen Torture Case

Emaciated victim covered in feces, urine:

Police in California are currently searching the city of Sacramento for a woman whom they feel helped a Tracy couple hold a 17-year-old teenager captive for over a year now.

According to investigators, Caren Ramierz, 43, is a convicted felon who may be the victim's aunt. Court records suggest Ramierz had a felony conviction dating back from 2007 when she was found guilty of inflicting corporal injury on a child.

What's this all about? We'll I'll tell you. Sometime earlier yesterday, an emaciated 17-year-old stumbled into a gym wearing nothing but a heavy chain padlocked to his ankle and pair of over sized boxers. He appeared bruised and cut as well as covered in soot, feces and urine.

MySpace profile of suspect Kelly Lau

A worker employed by the gym quickly called police while the teen laid in a fetal position underneath a counter.

Shortly thereafter, police arrested both 30-year-old Kelly Layne Lau and 34-year-old Michael Luther Schumacher and charged them with torture, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and child endangerment, among other charges.

The unidentified boy had previously been reported missing in 2007.

An anonymous smart reader has went through the various pictures on Lau's above MySpace profile and noticed some disturbing pictures that were posted there, presumably by Lau herself.

UPDATE: Caren Ramierz arrested

UPDATE II: Another suspect has been arrested in connection with this case.  Police have identified him as 29-year-old, Anthony Waiters.  Thanks to PBB for the information.


  1. No one on their myspace was concerned about this picture???? they were avid child abusers!

  2. It's disgusting. It makes me sick just looking at it. I actually had missed this photo.

  3. Here are somemore pics looks like the poor little son has red marks on his face and covered with a jacket

  4. The little guy looks like he has has one heck of a case of poison oak, and I don't see any kind of lotion or medication on it....poor little soul!

    The older kid with the mohawk..that is one scary looking little kid....what's up with those EYES?? He looks like a serial killer...or maybe he's drunk or loaded.


  5. I just looked through those photos and saw nothing alarming. That child has a severe case of eczema. I know a little girl with the same condition and you can control & then it flairs, over & over. It's so sad to read the story about the teen, but if true, you hear so many times about abusive parents singling out one child. They may have just decided to take everything out on this one poor teenage boy whose life sounds like it has been hell from the start. I hope they get counseling for the teen.

  6. Ya that definitely looks like a very severe case of eczema. I can't believe she let it go that far! How cruel to let that little one suffer. There is a picture of the baby on his first birthday crying because someone, looks like mom, is pushing the whole cake in his face. And if you look at all the pics of the children. You can see who the favorites are "the girls all in smiles" and the boys look very distant and unhappy. What a messed up family, hope someone saves the children!


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