Friday, December 5, 2008

Police Arrest Ryan Scorpiniti In MySpace Sex Case

Girl was only 12:

A Des Moines, Iowa man has been arrested after allegedly engaging in sexual activity with a 12-year-old girl whom he had met on MySpace.

Police say they received a tip from the girl's mother who had told them that 23-year-old Ryan Scorpiniti had sex with her 12-year-old daughter.

Apparently the girl was at school and mentioned some incidents involving MySpace. Word eventually got around to the school counselor who then contacted the mother.

Long story short, detectives gathered enough evidence from MySpace as well as cell phone records to arrest Scorpiniti and charge him with three counts of sexual assault in the third degree and one count of enticing a minor under 16.

Besides the above MySpace profile, Scorpiniti maintained three other accounts found here, here and here.


  1. I have known Ryan Scorpiniti for about 8 years now...and it makes me sick to my stomach knowing that he would do something like this!! I am not in any way condoning his actions, just to make that clear. Scorp needs to get the harshest punishment allowed in the state of Iowa. I couldnt imagine what was going thru his mind, and I sure couldnt imagine that happening to MY daughter!! It's completely disgusting.

  2. The photobucket link is NOT to Scorpiniti.

    It is a link to a professional photographer who shot him approximately 3 years ago.

    Can the blog writer remove that? The photographer doesn't deserve to have her name smeared by association because she worked with someone in her professional capacity 3 years ago.

  3. I have known Scorp for a while and actually met him through myspace...He always liked to talk shit about every tattoo artist in the city. Scorp was a horrible artist and he told me he needed to get high before he could pierce my septum! I said noooowayyy!!!I've heard a lot of horrible stories about him and I'm just glad this sicko is in Jail.

  4. I met this deadbeat about 2 years ago while selling him a cell phone. Of course I didnt know the guy personally but I knew right away that he was an idiot.

    Within the first 10 minutes of helping him, He talked shit about my full sleeve tattoo saying it was crap and the artist who did it was crap. Its actually an award winning piece so I didnt take his comments to heart.

    Anyone who needs to get high to do their work needs major help. Ask Heather LeStabbityDeath, Im sure she doesnt get "high" before doing her work.

    I also know some people who are "friends" with him and that always made me sick.

    Maybe now they will realize that this guy is a fucko and deserves to rot in hell.

  5. About 4 years ago one of my best friends met this guy through myspace. She trusted him and she and one of her friends actually went to go meet up with him, at a library.......he wanted them to go back to his place with him but they couldnt......she hasnt talked to him since and she never suspected that he wanted her to come back to his place for THAT reason.........all I can think is that it COULD have been her.....crazy....oh and she was 14 at the time......creep

  6. This guy tattooed me not too long ago, it was a last minute spur of the moment decision because he lived with a guy i knew. The second i walked in the door i felt uncomfortable. We were there maybe five minutes before he asked if we wanted to "get fucked up" and then offered us whiskey and also pointed to his bong. Considering every time i've ever gotten tattooed by a professional one of the things they say is "don't drink before a tattoo" i could tell that he was a complete idiot.

    He kept texting me from accross the room while he was setting up for the tattoo telling me i was gorgeous and that i "made his jaw drop" when i walked through the door.

    I was literally clenching my eyes shut thinking "beetle juice beetle juice beetle juice" wishing i was anywhere else. He kept breathing really deep and telling me my body was distracting was the worst experience of my life. To make it worse he psycho called/texted/messaged me on myspace up until the time he got arrested trying to tell me i needed to be with him and that he was going to take care of me.

    He is a disgusting human being and i will alway regret getting a tattoo from him.

  7. I have known Ryan for awhile now and I know he didn't do it.
    There is no way in hell he actually did it.
    He is a nice guy and I would never believe otherwise.
    It makes me sad to see all of the negative comments about him because he is a great guy.
    You guys are wrong.

  8. This is a message to the idiot that says, he didn't do it, I know he didn't do it, he's a nice're brainwashed! Seriously!! This man is the biggest fucking pervert and sorry excuse for a human being! He's arrogant and a sick bastard. The things he's done to this child and other children that were too afraid to tell anyone, are unforgivable. He will be doing some time and hopefully he'll have someone treat him the same way he treated these babies. He's a sicko and deserves to rot in prison for the rest of his natural life.

  9. I have known Ryan since we were 14, when we "dated" and lived next to each other and kept in contact since then. I know all the crap that he has done to himself and to other people. I can say I was shocked to hear that he did this after everything that he has done; I would have thought that he had wised up a little more or that he wasn't like that. I know that he is two faced and a very good actor but I also wonder about the girl that he "did" this to. Come on people how old were we when we had sex for the first time, myself 14 becuase I waited but I slept with older guys and dated them. Let me remind you that this girl had to lie and get a myspace account becuase you have to be at least 13 to have one and then you have to search find and invite your friends. Not to mention that she would have had to give him he cell phone number and other information about her. I know Ryan can be a nice guy when he wants something and a very good talker but after all these years has anyone ever looked at who has made Ryan the person that he is.... Lou his dad who is also a very good talker and womenizer and can be scary(I thought he was Itailian mafia when I was younger lol). He was the only one that raised Ryan and from my personal experineces with Lou hitting on me before I was 18 and still know (which I only take because he tips me well at the bar) He is the reason that Ryan is the way that he is trying to follow in his dads footsteps.

  10. I'm telling you Ryan didn't do it.
    He has sent me a letter from prison saying what actually happened.
    He will be getting out soon and I can't wait until he does.
    I've never felt the way I do about anyone else.
    He is truely a nice guy and i hope you all realize that someday.
    Call me stupid or whatever but I guess he convinced me. And I can't wait to ask him about all the shit ive read that all you guys have said.

  11. You're fucking retarded. He's in jail for a you honestly think given his history that he'd willing spend 21 days in the clink for nothing?! Let me tell you, he's a great manipulator, that's what got him to the place he's in currently. He's ruined this child's life, as well as many others that we may never know about. I hope he told you all the "special" things he did to this 12 year old girl. He's special, just like you, maybe that's why you've "never felt this way about anyone else"...he fucks with babies...there's nothing special about him, pretty soon, he's going to be taking it in the ass by BUBBA and wishing he'd never thought twice about using his penis for anything but urination. Can't wait to see you in'll be the one really having your heart broken as they escort his sorry ass to PRISON. He's been there before, you ignorant bitch, he'll be there again soon. How sad your life must be, if you believe in someone that takes advantage of babies!!!!!! Go read your special letter from your "special man"! Then think to yourself about why he would tell you anything OTHER than the truth! He's a sick motherfucker!

  12. By the way, the letter you received from your prince charming did not come from prison, it came from Polk County Jail! There's a difference between jail and prison, but then again, you're still confused enough to actually believe this sick fuck is telling you the truth, so why would anyone expect you to understand the differences! You must be another one of his captured princesses off of myspace, someone that he's been talking to since you were a baby. Well, good luck to you, sweety, why don't you send him a pacifier, afterall, he's going to need it when BUBBA starts treating him like the bitch he is!

  13. I knew Ryan when I was 13 and he was 18. I used to be extremely naive and I would sneak out of my house to hang out with him. I heard stories about him raping girls, but he always seemed really sweet to me. He made me almost fall in love. One night he picked me up from my house and brought me back to his. He kept talking about sex and all that, but I was still a virgin. I would kiss him, but that was it. He decided that he wanted more from me, and he was going to get it one way or another. Luckily, his father was there and heard me screaming.

    I have known that Ryan was raping girls since I was 13, which was 7 years ago. I went through my fair share of shit with him and with the law, and I didnt want to involve myself in any more crap with him.. so I just didnt talk to him, moved away, and now I'm hearing that he raped a 12 year old. I feel responsible somehow... I'm sorry to any girl who ever had to deal with this asshole.

    1. And you reported this right????

  14. Okay this is the "idiot" speaking again.
    I received my letter from 'polk county jail'
    He didn't do it.
    The girl he actually slept with was 16 and she stole a bunch of his stuff and her mom found it so she asked her little sister to take the blame for it.
    All of this happened over a year ago and he just got arrested for it.
    Almost all of the charges were dropped.
    The only reason he is still in jail is because the girl was 16 and he thought she was 18 because he tattooed her and whether he knew that or not is a crime.
    He has to be in there for 10-14 months and the only reason he isn't getting probation is because he's been in jail before.
    You guys are all dicks and you don't even deserve to know this information but I'm giving it to you anyway.
    I feel bad for him because of the people like you who have turned their backs on him for no reason.
    But at least I'm here for him and I am going to be there and when he gets out we will be together...

  15. And by the way I didn't meet him on myspace.
    I actually legitimately met him in person.
    I'm a smart girl and I think I handle handle myself so I'd suggest you guys stop talking shit.

  16. Well then "idiot" why don't you go to the news media and tell them your story about how everyone's got it all wrong, except for you and him. If you were so brilliant you wouldn't believe ONE word that came out of his mouth. AND, where were you when he went to court, if you cared so much about your baby lover, wouldn't you have been in court with him?!! That's what I thought, you had to go to school and couldn't get out of school so that you could be there. Keep on believing in him, when he goes on to prison, I suppose you'll have one big sobering day, won't you?! Mark the court date on the calendar, then you can hear for yourself what the REAL truth is brilliant one!

  17. I guess defending him on here didn't do much good. When he found out that I tried to stand up for him on here, he asked that I please stop writing him. Since I was the only person writing him I guess now he is on his own. His parents have disowned him. He lost his house, job, and both cars. His house was even robbed because he didn't even have anyone to pack his stuff. I know a lot of people on here want to see his life ruin for one reason or another. Well Mission accomplished.

  18. Not one person on here who commented "ruined" this man's life! He did that all on his own with his choices and actions. Sadly, many others will suffer because of his choices and actions as well.

  19. I feel that anyone that's been involved with this man get some counseling. Everyone deserves to know that only Ryan is responsible for his choices and that no one did this to him. He was an adult that made a terrible decision and unfortunately for everyone, that will have a life long consequence. I think that we all need to stop and realize that every decision we make, whether it's a good or bad decision, we're responsible for, no one else controls what we do. You can not trust someone that is so manipulative. He was good at manipulating people to get his way with anything, that's evident by this crime and his history with relationships. I promise, this isn't the first time he's ever committed a crime of this nature, this is just the first time he's gotten caught. Ryan thought he was too smart to get caught. He had a decent life before he decided to throw it all away. I feel sorry for his family and the victim's family. Their lives will never be the same. We need to pray for everyone, even our enemies that they will see the truth and turn their lives around and live for the Lord. It's not easy to pray for those that need it the most, but it's the Christian thing to do. Pray for forgiveness and peace within the lives of those involved. There is nothing too big or small that we aren't able to work through with the strength of the Lord.

  20. i met ryan at expo. i stopped in there with a friend because my tragus piercing was infected, and i wanted it taken out, and my friend wanted to talk to him about finishing her tattoo. while i was there he seemed very professional. i also talked to him about an idea for a tattoo that i had. he said that he would draw it up, and send it to me in a picture message, so i gave him my number. what a huge mistake. about 5 min after we left, he began texting me, begging me to hang out with him, telling me how hot i was, blah blah blah. i texted him for awhile, he seemed pretty cool, once again, a huge mistake. he kept telling me that i was the girl of his dreams, he wanted to take me home to meet his mom, tried to connect with me on many levels. he eventually convinced me to go over to his house to chill with him for awhile, and as soon as i stepped foot inside, i realized what a huge mistake going over there had been. i was there for many 2 min before he started to try to feel me up, try to kiss me, and try to climb on top of me. i tried to get up and leave, and he wouldn't let me. i literally had to kick, punch, and push him off of me, and then i ran. he continued to text me for about a week and a half after that, asking me to come over again. i ignored him, and finally texted him back saying LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONG, and changed my number. he got arrested a month later... although i am not 12 years old... he could have done that to me.

    this piece of shit deserves to be locked up for life, and every woman/girl should beware of his ways.

  21. uhh....did he get out of jail.
    he doesnt show up on the polk county inmates website anymore.....which means they have gotten out of jail???

  22. According to records it looks like he was released last Tuesday and then transfered to the Iowa Medical and Classification Center.

  23. Scorpiniti is not out...he's now in prison for a very long time for his crime! Know facts before you assume things...

  24. Take it up with Vinelink. That's where I got the information.

  25. Let me tell you guys my story with Ryan...The moment I meant Ryan was when I was in 5th grade hanging out on my driveway after school. He and his buddy Ben Wilcox sped past me on their bikes. Seconds later, Ryan or "Scorp" offered me to come with them. I turned down his getaway offer but I did give him my name. The next day, he called my dad's office and left a message that asked my dad if he could court his daughter....This memory is the first of a very long, crippled and appauling relationship.
    Every kind of female I knew, whether she be trashy or classy, claimed he tried to force himself on them sexually or rapped them. Every male I knew, had unfathomable stories about what he would do, talk about or did.
    The last time I saw him, was back in Oct of 2008. For some reason, I decided to respond to one of his cookie cutter myspace emails. This led to talking on the phone. From there, like a stupid, interested, and smitten idiot, I actually drove over to his house out in Beaverdale. When I saw him, it looked like he had gained weight after spending three years in prison after having been accussed of helping his friend murder another young man. Surprisingly, I was clam around him. His demeanor and charm really worked magic on retarded girls...I wasn't so quick to give in to this notorious charm he had pulled for years though. I remember specifically going over there to try and be his friend...didn't work. I swear I was falling in love. He had this talent with women... After that night, he started talking crazy. He told me he wanted to date me and be with me. He told me he wanted to have sex.
    Evenutally, we ended up in his bed. I was stiff from the neck down and didn't want to engage in any kind of activity of that nature. All the sudden. HE STOPPED and got realllllyyyyyyy quiet. I touched his back and said, I just don't feel comfortable yet. HE WHIPPED BACK HIS ARM AND SAID " GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME, IM FINE." I got sooooo scared. All I could think about was how unsafe I felt and how I needed to just leave. He feel asleep and I saw my opportunity to dart for the door. As I looked behind me, I was startled to see his neighbor smoking a cig on his deck. I will never forget the look in his eyes. It was a look telling me to never come back again.
    The next day he sent me a text telling me that he no longer wanted to see me anymore. I asked why and he replied "Fuck off and learn new heygeine upkeep." More was said and I was just in shock that he was saying such awful things, but not really. This was Ryan's balance. This is who he is...he's the ultimate player but plays out of sickness. He is comfortable in Prison and trying to act as though he is conforming, and even topping, his life professionaly and socially.
    I am more then positive that if Ryan isn't punished to the extreme and/or invited back into our society, he will act as he's always acted. He's a genius that unfortunately, happens to take interest in molestation, crude and lacivious acts on ALL people young and old. He's been doing this for decades. He's been thrown behind bars a gazilion times before. This person, Ryan Joseph Scorpiniti, is a threat to our security and our childern. He knows no humility and harbors no real pain for how he treats people. Besides his criminal mind, he's raped enough women, and has probably molested enough adolescents now. Keep this bitch locked up. He's had far to many chances to prove himself. This time, he needs to serve for a long long long time. Thankyou!

  26. WOW, just wow. My husband and I personally know him, from our close friendship I can tell you this. He is a horrible liar, he will send you poetry and beautifully written pages of shit promising everything under the sun if you send him money or whatever. So the people who are saying that he is writing to them, I have seen it before (actually threw a lot of it away, since he wouldn't get his shit out of my house and garage) when he was in prison (don't feel so bad Liz, it's not his first time!)DO NOT BUY INTO HIS LIES! He will make you regret it horribly. My husband became a scratch pad for his "tattoo's" which are not finished at all, and will be finished by someone else at some point. It is very sad because for the longest time he had pictures of my son's on his myspace page and when we stopped talking to him (again because he wouldn't get his shit out of my house and garage) he REFUSED to take my son's pictures off of his page. I am very happy that he was caught, because in the two years before he would bring all kinds of girls over to our house all the time. We finally told him no more! It is my understanding that he will serve two ten year sentences back to back. I hope he gets EVERY stinking year. He deserves to rot in hell. He doesn't care about women, he only cares about what he can gain from them, be it financially or sexually. BEWARE!

  27. When I was 13 (I'm 22 now) I met Ryan. He was around 19 at the time, I believe. He got really physical with me and actually tried to rape me at his dads apartment. I screamed and his dad ran out and made sure I got home immediately. I got lucky!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. a friend of mine is writing a man by this name currently and while I very much doubt its a different Ryan Scorpiniti I just wanted to make sure before I said something to her. Where is he currently in prison at?

    1. He looks to be chilling in the Ft. Dodge Correctional Facility in Iowa. He received 20 years in 2009 for sex assault of a 12-13 year old.

      Prison Pal Website:

      Iowa Inmate Locator:

      Tell your friend to run like hell.

  29. thank you Matagot! I apperciate your respones! Seeing my friend tonight, hope she listens to me!

    1. Actually Ryan has a Prison Pen Pals account and writes to a multitude of women; has them all believing he is a knight in shining armor and the "only one" so they will send him $$. He works out with my husband & brags about how easily it is to win over these "stupid fucking bitches" with just a few well worded letters. And that's exactly how he refers to them. "Stupid fucking bitches." His own words. Hopefully he does at least 10 years.

    2. Thats so fucking disturbing! Why does your husband work out with him? Why doesnt he beat him up I thought sex offenders were beaten up in prison! And ahy the fuck are women sending him money? If someoje wrote me a nice letter I wouldnt send them money! Fuck!

  30. Ryan is a God fearing married man. You sure you have the rigfht Ryan?

  31. Well
    Ryan has asked all of his Friends and Family REPEATEDLY not to comment or argue with people on here. I know he could be an asshole and treated some people pretty bad when we were younger. For the record I know flat out that some of this stuff is not true. I am not going to argue with anyone or go through this but I will say it is extremely easy to come online and say whatever you want anonymously when someone is not around to defend themselves. Oh and he is not, nor has ever been married... Or religious at all.

  32. just want to say to all who have posted here over the years that Ryan may have changed. Does not anyone thinking of that? He may have matured, he has gotten older. Being in prison is not easy for anyone. You become more mature and becomes a completely different person. It's about to forgive and move on. He has got his punishment. Handle it and move on!
    A friend to Ryan ..


  33. I'm talking to him at the moment. I stupidly didn't do any research into his past before speaking with him. Does anyone know if he's talking to many girls and just feeding us all the same lies? I suppose I'm one of many! Luckily I've kept myself to myself and been cautious with him... He definitely knows how to turn on the charm.

    1. One of many my dear!! Been chatting with him too.. silly us!

  34. So your
    saying you met him through a prison pen-pal site and contacted him without
    looking into anything more... You clearly didnt ask him or he would have
    told you what he was in prison for. You say he was charming... But then
    you go on another website and anoynomously talk shit about him? Not to
    mention YOU met him on a Pen-pal website and then act shocked that he might
    be talking to other people??? That is Literally the point of a Pen-Pal

  35. I met ryan on myspace when I was 14.. he was in his 20's.. I'm 25 now. He swooned me and told me he wanted to date me and be with me. When I asked him how.come he wouldn't put on his myspace that we were in a relationship. He said his boss thought it was bad for marketing. He worked at a tattoo shop and bragged how he made 150 bucks an hour. His myspace was Scorp The Ninja Pirate. After a few weeks of talking my older sister drove me to the "mall" from our small southern iowa hometown. We met at the mall and I ditched my sister to go to his house. We snuck into the basement because was home
    . He kept trying to get sexual with me and I was too scared to say no so I lifelessy laid their while he did his thing. He didn't wear a condom. He took me back to the mall and I found my sister and went home. He continued talking to me on myspace and texting me. He told me how what we did was so special and he loved me. Nowadays I would be smarter but when you're a naive teen and a good looking guy who makes a bunch of money (supposedly) drives a Chrysler crossfire (eventhough that's not what he drove to the mall) and says he loves you.. you usually fall for it. I continued to talk to him, he continued to feed me his lines. Once he even told me he was leaving a family trip to Italy early because he missed me. I met him one final time and we ended up having sex in his car in a public park in the daylight. I was so embarrassed and sick to my stomach the whole time. He didn't wear a condom again. I ended up getting an std and finally stopped talking to him when I told a few of my friends from school I was dating him and they too were apparently in relationships with him. I live in a tiny town of 3000 and the fact that he had sex with several underage girls from my town was scary and alarming. He definitely got around and knew how to entice little girls. That's my expirience with scorp

  36. I just looked at one of Ryan's pen pal profiles, in it he mentions being up for release in 2015... This page may be all old news to a lot of people, but I'm posting this as words of warning to girls who may meet him once he's out. I met him on MySpace in 2009 and met with him in person once, and on that occasion he raped me. I didn't report it that night because I felt young and stupid, meeting someone from the internet, and I was intoxicated at the time, I was ashamed and thought no one would believe me. I saw he had been arrested in Cityview not too long after this happened. Have felt terrible for a long time for not calling the police, thinking it's my fault someone was victimized after me. I will live with that forever, but I also know now the real blame is on Ryan. I hope his time in prison has changed him, but I doubt it, so ladies, please be careful dealing with this man, I wouldn't want any of you to ever have to deal with what I have emotionally.

  37. I need to edit my previous post I think, after I hit submit I think I accidentally typed 2009, this happened in the summer of 2007. Sorry I can't directly edit it, its being reviewed before it's posted.


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