Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Police: James McKeel Accidentally Blew Up His Meth Lab

Wife badly burnt during explosion:

A Tennessee man has been indicted by a grand jury on drug related charges after his meth lab blew up.

The suspect, 31-year-old James Clearance McKeel, of Rogersville, brought his wife, 19-year-old Opal McKeel, to the hospital sometime on July 6th after being severely burnt during the explosion.

After transporting her to the hospital, McKeel quickly left and returned to their residence where he allegedly destroyed whatever evidence was left of the meth lab.

Police later drove to the McKeel home and discovered a burnt area and various meth lab components buried in their backyard.

Other items located were:

Several mason jars containing pseudoephedrine tablets soaking in ether.
Empty pseudoephedrine boxes and blister packs.
Punctured starting fluid cans, tubing, lithium strips, lithium batteries.
A large container of ammonia nitrate.

When questioned by police, McKeel denied any existence of a meth lab, but told investigators instead the explosion was a result of cooking hot dogs.

Opal McKeel had been celeberating her birthday the day of the explosion.


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