Friday, December 5, 2008

Police: Michael Morawsky Sent Explicit Texts To Teen

Suspect stumbled upon cell # using MySpace:

Michigan state police arrested a 31-year-old Garden City man on accusations he attempted to have sex with a 14-year-old girl whom he had met at a church five years prior.

The suspect, Michael Anthony Morawsky, allegeldy stumbled upon the girl's MySpace account one day and noticed that she had put her cell phone number on it.

Morwasky then began to text the 14-year-old and soon the messages turned sexually explicit.

Eventually the parents discovered that Morawsky tried to persuade their daughter to come over to his apartment for sex.

They quickly notified police who then took over the case and arrested Morawsky.


  1. This whole thing is wrong. If your gonna report info make it correct.

  2. This whole thing is wrong. I never tried to persuade her to come over. Text messages can prove that I kept saying no. Report correct info next time.

    1. You're really splitting hairs there, Mike.

      If this 'whole thing is wrong' why are you still registered as a sex offender?

    2. I never once try to persuade her to come to my place. In fact if my lawyer pulled the text messages it would be seen that I was no multiple times.

    3. Yeah I think everyone has a problem with your lying dumbass. You want everyone to believe your lies. All you do is lie. You wouldn't be on here if it wasn't true. You are a sick ass person who molested a young child. You should be in jail for life. People like you make me sick!!! I hope you rott in hell for the things you have done to this girl. You are a nobody!!

  3. Wow a 14yr old girl ? How sick can you be ? I hope you rott in hell for what you have done! You are one sick asshole. I hope you go to hell.

  4. Wow what a Damn loser you are. How low can you get ? Your nothing but a piece of shit for doing this. You deserve to rott in hell.

    1. Have a problem do something. You don't know the whole case or situation.


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