Thursday, January 29, 2009

Adrian Navarro & Mariana Garcia Charged In Sex Assault Of Children

But police can't find them:

An Austin, Texas couple have been charged in what investigators are calling a "shocking" child abuse case.

Police allege that Mariana Garcia, 23, and Adrian Navarro, 29, videotaped and took pictures of themselves sexually abusing two young children, including a toddler.

One of the videos in question features Mariana Garcia holding a down a 2-year-old while Navarro appears to be assaulting the young girl.

Investigators say they have recovered more than 600 pictures and videos at their Austin apartment. Unfortunately, when they went there to arrest them the couple were nowhere to be found.

Police are asking that if you know the whereabouts of the two to call the child crimes unit at 512-974-6880.

UPDATE: Navaroo turns self in, police still looking for Mariana.


  1. thank you all for being so concerned the 5 year old is my neice and i got word today from marianas mother that she is in custody i hope that bitch fries ..
    any ways hopefully my neice will be safe at home in a few days...

  2. Update........

    Mariana Garcia has been sentenced to 40 years in prison.

  3. Behavior like this is not only reprehensable but completely negligent. People like this absolutly disgust me. I cannot understand why sick individuals like this target young,defenseless children. Unfortunately, for Mr. Navarro prisoners typically place child molestors at the lowest rung of the criminal hierarchy. A 99 year sentence for each child is not enough of a punishment for this man. They should tie each of his limbs to large horses and quarter him slowly. I think this would be much more fitting.

  4. I have been perusing the internet trying to find out what the average sentence. My daughter's best friend's stepfather raped her about 15 times this past summer before she told and we are immersed in this sewer. Wow, some of these cases are wrose, but it is by and far the WORST experience I have been trhough and I am sickened by how people think these kids lie because they're mad ... HELLO !! You're right this guy and his stupid wife should both burn in hell. Forty years isn't enough !! Death penalty, we don't need him, her or their kind on this earth !


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