Saturday, January 3, 2009

Andrew Selvig & Samuel Durkot Stole 250k From Grandpa On Xmas Day

Grandsons told friends they had won money at casino:

Two Minnesota teenagers have been arrested after allegedly stealing $250,000 from their grandfather on Christmas Day.

Police say 18-year-old Andrew Selvig and 19-year-old Samuel Durkot took the money from their grandfather's safe at his home in Wisconsin.

The two morons then went on a shopping spree that included at least six cars and trucks, various clothes, flat screen tv's, and a computer among other items.

Like the dumbass teens that they are, the two began handing out $100 bills to their friends and told them that they had won the money at a casino.

According to a news article, Selvig had recently stayed at his grandparents for approximately nine months.

Luckily authorities have recovered $140,000 thus far.


  1. Thesem guys are pretty dumb criminals. They gave themselves away. They likely could have gotten away with it if they weren't so stupid and flashy.

  2. Not so likely, I know one and he is NOT smart at all. Just can't get past the crime.... strike three see ya later!

  3. haaa yeah. so i recieved some of this money...they are dumbasses. they told me they won at the casino and ran after handing me a wad of cash.

  4. Our family was takin in by Sam he told us that his business was thriving, he had gotten the money from a customer who had given him 30,000.00 in advance. He had been eyeing our son's truck for some time. After he brought it he rodded it and the tires, engine, and tranie maybe shot. We are left with a large tow, and im fees

  5. I dated Sam. He brought my family, my friends and his own very very good friends down with him. He handed out money to us, a car to my cousin and bought his friends truck. We had to write down our statements to the investigator. I don't feel bad for Sam he was very dumb and idiotic in doing this and he stooped down lower than I even thought he could. The thing is he just wanted acceptance and approval, yes he did it in the most unacceptable way possible but that is why he handed out money to people. But before doing that he paid off old debts. He didn't have the best influence or guidance as a kid, and wanted someone to care. Yes BIG mistake on his part but hopefully he will learn and for the record this is not me feeling sorry for him. I think he deserves what he will get for time in jail but hopefully it will teach him a thing or two about the real world and how it will not just work its self out; that he has to work for life to work out.

  6. Sam HAD some good influences growing up, but CHOSE to follow the many BAD influences he had growing up. It was his choice, as an adult. Too bad in his last teen years, he had such crappy examples and conditional love on a day to day basis. Sounds like Andy had about the same. They may have gotten the shaft in the late teen years, but they know right from wrong. They chose wrong in stealing.

  7. I just met Sam and Andy in September, They were amazingly nice boys. They treated me and my family with respect. They had ruff times and trouble lying but for the most park they were good kids. I had a relationship with Sam that was more than just friends. He is an interesting and amazing person, He showed me that he could change but in 2 weeks everything changed and he went down hill. I wish him well and will be waiting for him to get out, Love you Sammy-D!
    Love A.J.S

  8. I was dating Andy when this all happened. I also became really good friends with sam. Sad to see such good guys make such a dumbass mistake.Well I still love you andy.You to sammy-D.

  9. Andy lived at his grandparents for 9 months and their house is huge (the own the chisago house in taylors falls) as for Sam he has only been their a coulpe of times first was when he was at Andy's gradustion party and second was when he was their on Christmas, the police report states that the safty deposit box was in a storage room behind full shelves in a nook in the wall in the basement. The odds of Sam finding this spot is slim. but as of right now the Polk County Courts Distric Attorney Dan Stephan has these plee deals for the boys:

    Andy; 1 Count Theft of movable Proporty Greater than $10,00 (Class G Felony), 1 Year Minimum Jail Time and 5 years of probation

    Sam; 2 Counts of Reciving Stolen Proporty (Class A Misdemeanor), 4-6 months jail time and no probation

    Just Thought you would like to know the most recent facts.

  10. just to let you know your wrong about that because sam's finger prints are all over everything and they couldn't find anything on andy. sam set andy up and he is a con just like his dad and brothers.

  11. So if he is so innocent, why is he sitting in jail again for theft?

  12. I do not know Sam, but have known Andy for years. Andy had a horrible upbringing that included a lot of abuse. I personally witnessed his mother being physically abusive to him. I'm not saying this is an excuse for his crime, but he did not have very good role models growing up so I'm not very surprised about this. I just found out that he is in jail again for theft.

  13. I heard that too about andy. something about stealing $3500 from his girlfriends dad or somthing like that.

  14. it wasn from the girlfriends house cuz the girlfriend doesnt even live up around there

  15. hi my names coin=) i like andrew he my friend

  16. hi my names coin=) i like andrew he's a funny bunny

    love, coin


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