Friday, January 30, 2009

Carly Ryan May Get Justice After All...

After almost 2 years of numerous delays in Australia, a father and his son will face trial in the brutal murder of teenager Carly Ryan.

Carly, if you recall, was the 15-year-old girl who was murdered on February 19, 2007 allegedly by the two after meeting them over MySpace.

Her battered body was found floating in a river the very next day.

Ryan's MySpace was thought at the time to contain clues into her disappearance and subsequent murder. Her profile, which has since been touched up following her death, was a brutal one and featured numerous graphic images of women being tied up, illicit drug use, and contained a photo of a bloodied woman with a cross shoved down her throat.

The two men accused of murdering her were never fully identified by the press, but the now 49-year-old father was called "Brandon" by Carly herself.

He however identified himself as "Kurupt Koala" on his MySpace and apparently shared a similar interest with Carly. Her friends called it "artistic", but that interest may have opened the door for her alleged killer.

Interestingly, the former military man stated on his now deleted MySpace that he had received custody of his son after going through a divorce with his wife. That's too bad, I wonder what judge granted that ill-fated decision.

Also of note, 14 of the 15 comments made on his MySpace were all by Carly. It's a disturbing thing to read now that we all have the advantage of peeking into her future without her ever knowing what would occur that tragic night in February.

Anyway, the good news for Carly is justice might finally be served in her untimely death, as "Brandon" and his son are set to go to trial.

UPDATE: Carly 'alive' when thrown in water, court hears.

UPDATE II: Vampirefreaks plays role in tragedy.

UPDATE III: Mother's boyfriend threatened Ryan, court told.

UPDATE IV: 50-year-old Suspect claims he was "like a stepdad".

UPDATE V: Father found guilty, son not guilty in murder of Ryan.

UPDATE VI: Killer finally identified.


  1. Thank god.

    Finally they are going to get those bastards. RIP Carly.

  2. Lets hope the wheels of justice start moving a bit faster.

    Couple that with some profound legislative changes to the Minor Protection Acts and we would have a more just society.

    Its sad someone, anyone can level this sort of violence at a clearly indefensible being is reprehensible.

  3. It wasn't Myspace.
    It was

  4. "Vampirefreaks plays role (surprise, surprise) in tragedy."

    Everyone needs to cool it on the blame game for a social networking site. You can't blame a web site for the death of anyone. People kill people not programs and website. It could of happened on facebook, myspace, bebo and any social network where perverted and mentally unstable people can pretend to be someone else instead of coming to terms with reality.

    Its tragic but unfortunatly people don't learn. You simply can not trust anyone you do not know persoanlly online.

  5. R.I.P Carly I'm missing you like crazy!! Wish you were still here..

    It's great that we actually might get some satisfaction from the courts it's been long enough. Everyone just wants justice, for Carly and her Families sake.

    We love you Carly, more than anything.. Hope your partying it up there, We miss you terribly!! R.I.P Our beautiful baby

  6. Who changed Carly's Myspace?

  7. I was apart of the search for carly's items in the following days of her passing, It doesnt matter what interests anyone has, for another person to Leave all this evidence of what he did should rot in jail..... Why has the system taken two years to not even come to a conclusion yet, i think is discusting, two years of freedom for him.
    In My Mind A Padded Cell With Morge pictures to remind him everyday how discusted the world is with his Use of who can live and who can die.
    Hurry up and put him there judge.

  8. Thank God the father was found guilty, shame the son got found not guilty though. Finally some closure for her parents after all these years. My thoughts still go out to them.

    RIP Carly.

  9. Thank God the father was found guilty, shame the son was found not guilty. Finally some closure for Carly's parents after all these years. My thoughts still go out to them.

    RIP Carly.

  10. i dont understand why people keep saying was a vampire site!!!i saw Carly's myspace but never her vampirefreaks!!! why????
    R.I.P Carly


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