Monday, January 12, 2009

Child Molester Leonard Mott Sentenced To Prison

Back in 2007, I told you about the case of Leonard John Mott Jr. here and magically again here in 2008.

To refresh your memory, he was the now 27-year-old Easton, Pennsylvania man who had been arrested in July of 07 on charges of molesting a 2-year-old girl.

After Mott's name surfaced in the local media there another individual came forward. The new victim was a then 7-year-old boy who had told the court he was molested by Mr. Mott approximately 13 years ago.

In the end most of Mott's original charges were dropped in exchange for a guilty plea on one count of indecent assault as well as pleading no contest to another.

Because of this, Judge Anthony Beltrami handed down a rather light 7 year sentence, something the alleged arbiter of justice is often prone to do.


  1. There were three other boys who he molested as well. The little girl was the daughter of his girlfriend, who claimed she didnt know. There was physical evidence that she ignored when changing the child's diapers. She continued a romantic and physical relationship with Mr Mott up until days before he was taken into custody, even taking her other child to spend the weekend at Mr Mots residence. Now she is fighting against the state of PA to keep them from terminating her rights to this innocent child.
    Mr Mott will be fair game in prison, but what about this woman, who plans to marry him when he gets out. She does not work by choice, prefers the welfare system and has a home so filthy that the Section 8 administrators have tried to evict her.
    As horrifying as mr motts actions against this little girl are, what about the woman who gave her life and should have protected her, when will she be held accountable for her own actions or inaction in this matter.

  2. The comment that was left prior to this was left by the victims grandmother. The step-mother of the childs father who actually commited the crime and admitted it.
    She knows this because he admitted it to her. And rather than get a pedophile off the streets, she chose to destroy someone elses life, thinking that the mother of this child would return to her abusive ex-husband, who repeatedly beat and raped her. Futhermore, this woman not only allowed her step-son to molest his own daughter in her home, but also had several previoulsly convicted sex offenders living there as well.

  3. I was locked up with Mott in ScI Cresson Mott was a guy who made a bad choice. Judge yourselves be fore you Judge one another...


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