Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gay Youth Mentor Gary Salles Arrested In Child Porn Sting

A self proclaimed gay youth mentor has been arrested in the state of Tennessee in connection to what officials are saying is a major international child porn ring.

Police say lead suspect Gary Salles, 57, and Mike Lattimore, 50, both of Georgia, were apprehended when police set up an undercover sting operation in an attempt to entice the two into numerous illegally activities. 

The idea was to have the undercover investigators receive something from the perverted duo in exchange for cash.

And it worked according to above the news source:
"Gary Salles and Mike Lattimore drove from Atlanta to offer up drugs, more than 450 computer files, images of children engaged in sexual acts, and according to police, a 13 or 14 year old boy for sale for $10,000, a 13 or 14 year old boy for sale for $10,000.
After the two arrived at a local motel there, a hidden camera captured a deal being made between police and the two suspects.  Because of this, they were subsequently arrested and hauled off to jail.

While I could not identify a MySpace account for Mr. Lattimore, I was able to locate one for Mr. Salles.

On his profile, he wrote the following:
"I got my start 30 years as a gossip columninst and "around town" photographer and I spealized in helping young GLBT and Questioning kids look and feel FAB-U-Lous."
Wonderful, nothing like a homosexual pedophile counseling young confused teenagers about their sexuality. Remember, this is the exact same self-proclaimed counselor that one police officer was quoted as saying:
"To see the videos, firsthand, that he was sharing, that was exciting to him. For example, a 4-year-old being raped, molested. Ya know, he would really get excited."
The depraved 57-year-old also claims to be a photographer, who's personal website found here, seems for the most part to specialize in homosexual themed parties and activity of that nature.

Both Gary Salles and Mike Lattimore are expected to be taken to Chattanooga today, where they will be arraigned and charged in federal court.

Thanks to Out & About for the Myspace link.

UPDATE: Salles pleads guilty.


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