Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Kasey Solomon!

Dear Kasey,

Happy Birthday!! I know I'm a day late, but still I wish you the greatest on your big day. Your a big girl now, real big...your 23! 

That's awesome. I'm so proud of you.

Now I must admit we do not know each other at all. Hell, I've never even been to Louisiana before (crazy) but I have seen pictures and stuff in magazines and things like that. 

I like it. I think it's cool...

Also, I know that your in jail right now and that kinda sucks for you. No cake, balloons, party hat, blowers...and here I am piggin out like a mad freak and so wishing you were here. 

Anyway,  I read online that those nasty police have taken your computer away from you because they think you like seeing naked pictures of kids and stuff. They even are calling you a predator who like to "prey on the innocence of a child."

I sure hope that's not true.  Wait till word gets out on that little hummer, 'eh? :/

Yikes!!'ve had a tough couple of months. First getting in that car wreck and now this! Gosh, what the hell is going on??? I sure wonder. At least you didn't die though.

Regardless, when you find time, please write back and comment when you get out of jail. I guess I just wanted to wish you the best on your special day.

With much love and always caring,


P.S--I've enclosed my favorite picture of you in that awesome one of you boggin in the bayou. I see a major hottie 4 Sureeeeeeeee :) 



  1. There seems to be two personalities writing this blog - one keeps it simple and writes plainly factual entries, that's the one I like, and the other writes oh-so-funny, poorly-spelled, tabloid-like editorials that take up four times the space and require you to look elsewhere to find out the actual details behind a crime.

  2. It just depends on what information is at hand on the case. Sometimes I also get too disgusted and make an attempt at sarcasm, this post would fall in the category of the latter.

    It also depends on the type of mood I'm in at the time.

    Anyway, thanks for the comment.

  3. I like your write-ups. For the record.


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