Sunday, January 25, 2009

Iowa Man Flies To Texas To Meet Boy From MySpace

A 28-year-old Iowa man has been arrested after flying to Texas to allegedly meet a 12-year-old boy for sex that he had met on MySpace.

Steve Henderson, a commercial pilot, was apprehended by deputies after driving to the boy's home in an attempt to pick him up. Hours before, he had checked into a hotel, presumably where he had planned on taking the boy.

The case against Henderson initially unraveled when after meeting him through MySpace, the two began to trade text messages with each other and talk over the phone.

A teacher at the boy's school noticed he had been texting during class one day and took his phone away. After seeing the messages she quickly alerted police who then took over the subsequent conversations from there.

Police then set a trap for Henderson who ultimately took the bait.

UPDATE: This story is utter crap, read why here.


  1. The guys name is wrong. Its Steven Donald Anderson. Also the state is wrong.You would have better luck finding his myspace profile by looking in Minnesota.
    Search the Houston Chronicle for accurate information.

  2. Wow, the author of that article might have just been better off making him commander of a submarine. Nothing she wrote, other than his age and occupation appears to accurate.

    I've located the profile.

    Thank you for the correction!


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