Thursday, January 29, 2009

Matthew McCracken Pleads Innocent To Child Molestation

A West Richland, Washington man has plead not guilty to child rape charges even though police say they have the photos to prove it.

The suspect, 36-year-old Matthew Adam McCracken, is accused of raping the girl last summer in a public school playground.

According to reports, police searched the home of Mr. McCracken and found a sex toy that he allegedly used to rape the girl. Officers also found numerous pictures of the incidents purportedly taken by the suspect himself using his camera phone.

A detective associated with the case was quoted as saying:

"We searched the computer and found the pictures that were described by the victim during the same date and time period that the victim said it occurred."
McCracken is currently in jail in lieu of $100,000 bail.

On his above MySpace profile, McCracken claims that he is married with three children.


  1. Buncha crap...Matt would not do this nonsense!

  2. seriously, well if detectives had asked you to go in and ID photos that were taken off of his computer and you could see the evidence first hand then I would agree with your above post but I bet you either were not asked or were not brave enough to look at the faces of these victums. You need to step away from who you know Mr. McCracken to be and look at the evidence that was found on his personal computer, or read the 100's of pages of police reports, that prove he is guilty. Innocent people don't have to plee. Lets just say he is not who anyone thought he was, he is a master manipulator and if you fell victum to that then join the club. Find the facts first before you try to tell people who Mr. McCracken is - he is guilty.


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