Friday, January 2, 2009

MySpace Case A Strange One For Investigators

Here's a strange one out of the even stranger state of Washington. Instead of writing a bunch of crap I'll just direct your attention to the below:
"A MySpace online relation turns into a potential case of child molestation. The family of a 16-year-old girl reportedly invited a 22-year-old man to spend Christmas at their Centralia home. Police say the family picked up the man at a hospital in the Olympia area. The teenage girl told investigators she was sleeping with the man with another girl in the same bed. That’s when she reportedly awoke to find him inappropriately touching her. Investigators are left scratching their heads after the family’s decision making."
Obviously the article doesn't go into too much detail surrounding the allegations, but the point being made here is kind of simple. What kind of parent(s) would invite a complete stranger (especially from creepy MySpace) to come to their home and let him sleep in the same bed with their daughter and some other girl?


  1. This surely sounds weird but maybe she lied to them and told the parents that she knew him and he was alright etc. I know theres not excuse especially since the parents didnt know him.

  2. Perhaps she did. Regardless, the whole situation is just creepy.

  3. This is strange, yes, but since when is Washington a strange state?


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