Saturday, January 10, 2009

MySpace Photos Leads To Sexual Abuse Charges

Want further proof that MySpace is the largest virtual trailer park online?  Then look no further to this next story:

Three New Yorkers are being accused of taking pictures of themselves sexually assaulting a teenaged girl and then posting the photos on MySpace.

The alleged crime is believed to have taken place at the home of 38-year-old Richard Crawley. He and the two others that were arrested and charged with sexual abuse are Robert J. Ayala, 16, and Rasheen A. Purcell, 19.

Police say more arrest could follow.

UPDATE: Police have arrested Elizabeth Crawley, Richard's sister, in connection with the case.

UPDATE II: Once again police have arrested yet another suspect. This time it's 17-year-old Omar Ayala, Robert's brother. He has been charged with the misdemeanor of tampering with a witness in the fourth degree and of harassment in the second degree.

1 comment:

  1. There is sickness everywhere and Myspace is no exception. However in my part of Myspace there are people who are trying to stop all kinds of harm to children. There are those trying to find lost and missing Children and adults. There are those who are fighting children's cancer, and those like me who are trying to fight child abuse.
    Having said that, in my part of Myspace who are in love with drama and fighting and trying to get everyone they can deleted. I suppose whereever there are humans involved you will find the best and the worst.


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