Monday, January 26, 2009

Pilot Steven Donald Anderson Arrested

Thought boy was 14, says suspect:

Thanks to two (or maybe one) alert reader(s) we can label the below story as an utter waste of everyone's time as it was completely inaccurate.

The pilot's name was actually Steven Anderson not Steve Henderson, who is accused of sending explicit text messages to a 12-year-old boy that he had met on MySpace.

Anderson's own above MySpace also makes no claim of him living in the state of Iowa, but is more likely to reside in Minnesota, where he is employed by Mesaba Airlines, a commuter company owned by Minnesota based Northwest Airlines.

Thanks to a tipster for the MySpace profile.


  1. Shakopee, MN to be exact is where he is from. His house is currently being raided a couple houses down from me. I can't believe that someone like that lived right next door. Thank god my kids are safe.

  2. My son goes to that middle school. It shows how close to home these stories really happen. So glad that the boy is safe and that this scum is off the street.

  3. Steven Anderson is from Iowa. He is actually from Denison, Iowa to be exact. After graduating highschool he moved to Omaha where he went to school at University of Nebraska at Omaha and majored in Aviation.He also worked at Frontier Airlines and then was a flight instructor at Milard Airport. He just currently moved to Minnesota after being laid off from his job flying charters and being hired on with Mesaba. He family still lives in Denison.

  4. yeah he went to HS in Denison IA... a few years older then me. And went to Prom with one of my best friends. It just so strange and creepy. You really never know. I just feel bad for his parents and sister. They are really nice people. I wonder what happened to him to make him into a perv.

  5. People like you who comment how a perv and creepy the guy is why not call by his name he has one (Steven Anderson) and treat him like person. Apathy towords ones predilections or veiws, makes one hide said predilections or veiws and usally in plain sight. Oh wow my kids this my kids that now they're safe this now they're safe that, no there not, how much more deluded can you get. Do you do a back ground check on every one of the kids teachers, their friends fathers, mothers, older siblings? Do you watch your kids every time they go online for every second they are on line or how about when they stay the night at a friend house you watch them then too, no you dont! Oh but they are safe...right?


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