Saturday, January 24, 2009

Police Arrest Spencer Osler-White In MySpace Assault Case

Youngest victim said to be 13:

Police in the state of Nebraska have arrested a 21-year-old man Bellevue on accusations that he may have sexually assaulted at least four different teenage girls.

According to reports, Spencer Osler White had used MySpace to lure dozens of girls online into meeting them.

The youngest victim is said to be only 13-years-old and police say two of the victims were forced to commit sexual acts.

Authorities ask that anyone with any more information on White or this case to please contact them at 402-293-3100.

Besides the above Myspace account, White maintained another one found here and also maintained a profile on another social network here.

UPDATE: More victims come forward, 11 total.

UPDATE II: Four more victims come forward, now 15.

UPDATE III: White sentenced to 36 years.


  1. I attended Highschool with this "guy". Alot of the boys in his grade in AFJROTC tried to imitate me but he tried the hardest. Unfortunately he didn't realize that hitting on and preying on younger gals wasn't my style both then and now. In other words it doesn't surprise me that he hasn't changed in his younger female tastes and its sickening now that I have a daughter to think that I need to worry about guys like him here in the great state of nebraska.

  2. I've known Spencer for about 2 years or so. Met him on MySpace. He's very forceful and manipulative so I can see how younger girls would be easy prey for him. Glad he's where he belongs.

  3. I have known Spencer since Elementary School and never would have thought he would ever have done any of this. It showes you never really know every thing about a person. He was always a nice person and never tried any of what he did around me. But I am very shocked he did any of this!!!

  4. Since you like rape so well you will like prison ypu will make a nice girlfriend for someone

  5. I've known Spencer since Freshmen year, and through out the years my friends and I warned him about his attitude towards girls and that it was gonna get him in trouble. *sigh* its ashame that he's where he is. He's a smart kid but his thoughts get him in trouble the most. And its the girls that gets him in trouble, bet you that the girls probably lied about their ages... but theres always to sides to the story.

  6. I've known Spencer all my life, yes he has some issues. We've had our moments, but he is still a caring guy. Just his mind over powered him and it got him into more trouble then he probably intended.

  7. He's sick!!!! That last poster who claims that he has "issues...but still caring". Please lady...go get some help. You clearly don't comprehend the evidence against him. Make no excuses for a sick individuals!!!!

  8. I do not believe that Spencer Osler-White is as guilty as everyone has condemned him to be. I know both him and his original accuser and i can tell you for a fact that they both have their faults and i can also tell you that the "victims" don't always tell the truth and that a good portion of the time the truth gets distorted and other people get dragged into it and caught up in the "fame" of the situation. And I do not believe that he could have done everything the accusers have proclaimed. I demand to see more evidence before I'll ever condemn him.

  9. You poor dumb bitch. What about the other ten (10) victims?


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