Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Police Arrest Joshua Durcho In Murder Of Mom, 4 Kids

Suspect expected to be extradited:

A Oklahoma man is currently sitting in jail today in the state of Texas on charges of killing his girlfriend and her four young children.

Investigators say 25-year-old Joshua Steven Durcho, of Oklahoma City, is waiting to be extradited back to his home state after being arrested on Tuesday night.

Durcho is accused of killing Summer Garas, 25, as well as Summer's children, Kirsten Rust, 7; Autumn Rust, 6; Evynn Garas, 3; and Teagin Rust, 4.

As of now, no motive as been identified in the brutal killing. Police have also stated that none of the victim's were shot, but refused to detail the case any further. 

However, unofficial reports have suggested that some of the victims may have been strangled to death.

UPDATE: While in court yesterday, an automatic not guilty plea was entered on behalf of Durcho. Meanwhile, prosecutors say they intended to seek the death penalty if he is convicted.



    rot in hell loser

  2. I actually know Josh...he is a very close friend of mine. He may have made a lot of stupid mistakes in life, but he was never violent..NEVER he was there when my oldest son was born and at his first birthday. I mean he lived under my roof for short periods, he was always there for me and even stayed up night after night because i was scared MY EX would come back and kill me, he didn't leave until he knew i was OK. He was a good guy, with a good heart..bad ideas laced with good intentions kind of guy. There is way more to this story. In America are we not "innocent until proven guilty"...everyone is so quick to make assumptions and its not right. I hope justice prevails and the truth come out in the end.

    1. I used to babysit josh back in indiana- his dad was big pile of shit looser and beat on the mother Jamie constantly, he grew up around some horrible shit no excuse for what he did, my condolences to the family.

  3. God almighty HizLilBratt, what freaking planet are you living on? Your boy admitted he killed Summer to his own cousin. He was caught in HER CAR. I'm not assuming a God damn thing, I'm going by what this baby-killing piece of garbage said himself. I was wondering how long it would take before some stupid bitch would come out a defend this asshole because "I knew him, and he'd never do something like this". So congratulations you stupid douchebag, you win the fucking prize.

  4. WTH!He will get toss for the woman he is in jail. How dare he take the lives of others especially innocent children. PIG!

  5. How ironic. You know about how you were afraid your ex would kill you and then he killed his ex. Good story. Maybe you should print it up and give it to the grandmother of the dead babies.

  6. Justice will prevail. He killed my sister and her four INNOCENT children. I met Josh once and he was a little bit violent. so much, that I told my sister she didn't need that kind of person in her life.
    Don't go defending the honor of a cold blooded killer until you know what you are talking about, HizLilBratt.

  7. Terra, I am so sorry for what you and your family has endured.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    Just keep the strength through all of this. Joshua will no doubt get what he deserves...

  8. i'll say this josh is a bastard how could any one strangle five people and not have a guilty concience. no death penalty is good enough for him im tired of hearing his name im tired of seeing his face i cant see summer and the kids faces anymore because of him im tired of my children having nightmares about josh you can take up for the killer all you want to but this country still has the right to express your feeling (freedom of speech, he broke his when he admitted to his cousin he did it)it scares the hell out of me that my kids could have been there playing and he would have killed them i couldn't forgive my self if i lost my children she ment the world to me and all you can do is take up for his ass your just as guilty as he is talk to his attorney you might be his only character witness because his records arn't going to show good character JOSH IS NOTHING PUT A SICK MINDED FREAK!!!!! GOD WILL GET HIS REVENGE!!!!

  9. HizLiBratt, I know Josh and your description of him is not only incorrect, but causes me to wonder WHEN you knew him and how regularly you saw him - like maybe a couple of times more than 5 years ago? I hardly call that a close friend. It seems to me that you are trying to put yourself in the spotlite in a very weird and dysfunctional way, which explains your own marital bliss. What an idiot!

  10. what a croc he did it,. he admitted it more than once to more than one person,..... he took the the life of a loving mother and 4 beautiful children he is worthless and will never recieve a punishment (including death), that will be as horrible as what he did he is a piece of shit and those who defend hin deserve to perish as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Thank You to those of you who were on here defending my little girl & her babies. HizLilBratt, you should consider yourself lucky that you didn't piss him off. I don't know you but just from reading your post I CAN tell you are just the kind of young lady these unstable deadbeat monsters prey upon. As for him not being violent, he shoved my daughter around the Sat. nite b4 he killed her. I happen to have a Restraining Order that was put on him in 2002-not on Summer either, how ironic I would find that in MY stuff... How's that for starters? I hope you learn to be a bit more skeptical in your older age. Especially since it's not just you, you have kids... Girls, PLEASE wake up. READ what you're writing.
    Translation for this young lady is: "He was a deadbeat that flopped at my house off & on & acted like he was a badass there to do me a favor."

    R.I.P. ~*~S*K*A*T*E~*~ I Love You Guys...

  12. Mom my heart and prayers are with you now, as they were from the the rest of you , do not be confused i lost those that i loved and it hurts still and always will.. but i swear to you all that he is guilty, he is worthless, he is an embarrassment to all men, he wil NEVER get a moments rest and those who defend him enter the line fire as well. i Posted my name any questions?

    R.I.P. S.K.A.T.E. love forever

  13. I knew Josh and I knew summer and I knew the babies too. I can tell you that I was related to josh at one time because I was married to his brother and I left my kids with him and all and now wonder what the hell I was thinking. Now I can not call my summer or my babies anymore and I can not answer all those mommy questions we use to talk about. My kids loved summer and her brothers and the babies and now I have to keep watching them cry and explain how someone that we let into our lives at one time has taken someone so dear to us away. Not a day goes by that we dont look at our memorial on our mantel and remember the good times with sumeer and the kids and we know one day we will be together again, that keeps us going. I love you sissy(summer) and babies.

  14. His day is coming and its coming soon..he will die and if there is a God in heaven I will watch him die.

  15. A christmas of tears, and nightmares i love you Summer and i love all you babies ............Josh you will see me smile when i see you die

  16. I Hope That He burns in Hell.
    I Heard From a Friend When He Was Being Escorted To The Jail He Got his Ass Beat And the cops Watch For Bout 10 Mins Before Stopping The Guy From Killing him. When He Goes To Jail and they Find out Wat he is in for he wont be alive.

  17. Now he wants television and a radio to listen to, give me a break. Putting him in general population would give him those things and in all certainly cost him his life, I say give him what he wants. He has already admitted his guilt to his own family members and he is certainly not insane or sick, just a violent,sociopath with no remorse or guilt. There is a place for people like him and no way to avoid it.The county is doing what it has to do to keep him safe,now he does not want that, is this an attempt at suicide by inmate.By the way I knew him too and most abusers come across as great guys to outsiders, its the ones that live with them that catch the Hell behind closed doors.


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