Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Police: Christina Rubin Hired Jeffrey Leinheiser To Kill Father

Two tried to dismember body with chainsaw:

Police in Pennsylvania have arrested a 22-year-old woman on charges that she hired her boyfriend to kill her father.

Investigators say Christina Rubin had been upset with her dad, Marc David Rubin, 46, because he was always "yelling" at her. So upset in fact was the recent Penn State graduate, she decided to do something about it.  Something bold.  Because she just couldn't take it anymore.

So instead of moving out of her father's apartment, the 22-year-old allegedly paid her boyfriend, Jeffrey Leinheiser, $1,000 to kill her father.

Police allege around 11 p.m on November 28th, Christina let Leinheiser into the apartment and handed him a gun that she had legally owned. While Marc Rubin was sleeping on the couch, Leinheiser allegedly crept up to the sleepy man and shot him once in the back of the head, killing him instantly.  

Just to make sure he was dead, Leinheiser kicked the lifeless body of Mr. Rubin around for a bit and then quickly fled from the apartment, taking along with him the dead man's daughter.

MySpace profile of Christina Rubin

On December 5th, the two returned back to the crime scene, where Mr. Rubin's body still laid and at some point during the day, Christina tried to dismember her father's body with a chainsaw that she had recently purchased.

Unfortunately for her, because his shorts had gotten caught in the chain's teeth, she had difficulty doing this. Leinheiser however, was much more successful.  So much in fact he was able to saw off both her father's legs.

Christina Rubin and Jeffrey Leinheiser then bought a carpet, and together (and in love) wrapped the dead body of her father in trash bags and rolled him up in the carpet and proceeded to push him down nine flights of stairs.

They then threw the dismembered father in the back of a truck and drove off to New Jersey in an attempt to dump him into the Atlantic.

However, while there they were unsuccessful in renting a boat. Obviously lazy, somewhat tired and immensely stupid, on their way back home they just dumped the body in some woods of Atlantic County.

The two however were duped from the start.  You see, on opening day of deer hunting season, a hunter found Marc David Rubin's body wrapped in trash bags and rolled up in a rug.

MySpace profile of Jeffrey Leinheiser

Over the next month, authorities say that while still living in her father's apartment, Christina being the selfish bitch (actually they didn't say that) drained his bank account and according to the article, checked the Internet to make sure her father hadn't 100% been identified as of yet.

In the end though, the two left plenty of evidence for investigators to put the pieces together and ultimately solve the puzzle of who killed Marc Rubin.

An accomplice in the case, 19-year-old Daniel Dougherty, was also arrested. He is being charged with tampering evidence and abuse of a corpse.


  1. heheh i went to highscool with this guy he lived down the street from me. what a fucking dumbass.

  2. i live in this building but thank god i'm moving this week! and I went to school with her!!! every1 new her dad was a nut job but she shoulda just left!

  3. Jeff is my brother.
    And first of all, I agree, what he did was incredibly stupid and horrible. Jeff grew up on drugs. He had a bad addiction and couldn't get out of it as much as he's tried and been in and out of rehab for the past 5 years. This doesn't justify anything that he did. And I could never begin to explain the hurt and pain he is putting my family through. And I hate him for that. But I also know my brother when he is not under the influence. I look at his mugshot and see the hurt and regret in his eyes and I know, now that he is sober and in jail, realizes the extent of what he did and how horrible he must feel. I will love my brother forever as much as I despise his actions for making me feel how I feel right now. I hate Christina for doing this to him. And I hate that they were ever introduced. Her dad was crazy. They didn't just get into an argument, it was much more than this one argument that egged this whole situation on. They both deserve to be in jail. Jeff mainly needs to be in a jail because either he dies from his addiction or he goes to jail and stops doing drugs. Jail is the only way Jeff can be cured. Jeff and Dan have been "Partners in crime" since they were young. And everyone involved in this is getting the punishment they deserve. As much as I love my brother, there is no point in killing a man. If he is abusive, Christina should have called the cops. There's no point in him being dead, especially if you are going to get life in prison.

    So stop calling my brother a dumbass, because as much as you think you know him, you don't know what he was like when he was sober. He was an amazing kid, but he was an addict. And the addict mind thinks differently than any other. You don't know what was going on in his head and neither do I. And I am furious with him. I will be for a long long time. But I think life in prison is a big enough punishment and I guarantee you everyone involved in this sees what they did wrong without your stupid comments.

  4. I too knew Jeff. When he was sober,he was a nice guy. He had a terrible addiction that he just could not get over. What he did was horrendous, and I am sure he will think about that for the rest of his life. Please remember an addict does not think of anything other than his drug. I feel horrible because what he did was terrible, but I only knew him when he was sober and I can not even fathom that he is capable of such things....

  5. Stop making excuses for his horrible, disgusting behaviour!

  6. If Jeff and His sick girlfriend planned and executed this murder plot thats on them. Why did they have to pull in and bring Dan down with them. Yes he is Stupid but he doesn't deserve the wrath of their EVIL and SICK PLOt. GOD BLess DAnny. The rest of you rot in Jail you sick bastards/

  7. Seriously dont you people understand that these are people too. Think about it. The people that you clearly dont like are in jail right now and cant read a thing your saying but by saying crude remarks like that your only hurting their families. and Im one of them so stop being rude. none of this situation affects you anyway grow up.

  8. Yeah well to be honest I love Dan but he just did everything anyone asked him to do so he's obviously being punished for a reason. Jeff and Dan were equally messed up I know that because I've watched them grow up together.

    And that's not his excuse for his sick behavior. I said the whole entire time it was sick behavior. I'm perfectly aware he did something I will never be able to forgive him for. But I do know my brother, and you will never be able to get into someones head like you're trying to, unless you know him like my family did. This murder was incredibly unexpected. But at the same time, four months ago, before Jeff met Christina, he would never even consider harming another person.

    The cops are going to find that out, and everyone will know the truth. They are all guilty but you will never know the extent of what happened until you hear it from Jeff.

  9. i went to high school with christina and she seemed like a pretty normal girl. ugly as hell though. she was nice and seemed smart. i guess you never know what people are capable of.

  10. I am anonymous as well..Jeff is my cousin..A good kid but definitely misguided by drugs, anger & other issues. What people don't realize is that this too can happen in your family. We never thought of Jeff to be capable of such a heinous crime. It really personalizes maters when a generally speaking descent kid with behavioral & drug problems gets around the wrong crowd of people. Kids today don't understand the consequences to their actions and do things without thinking them through. Jeff was raised properly. His choices have been poor and he has hurt alot of friends and family. I believe he will need counseling for this to forgive himself since he does come from a very religious upbringing. We are all in pain. This is a terrible situation for everyone. Judging someone is not anyone's right to do. Yes, indeed, his actions were inconceivable but let's hope and pray he becomes a changed person. We as well have lost a family member.

  11. dude...they both are f*cking crazy. no questions.
    stop making excuses for your dumbass bro. theres no need.

    those of u praying,why!? he killed her father!!!!! THEY PLOTTED IT! They acted normal for a month! You still know wrong from right if your on drugs.
    Its good they will be in jail for a lonnnnnng time.

  12. I feel so sorry for The families of Christina,Jeff & Dan.
    The Families need our Prayers & Support.I knew Christina & she was one strange BITCH,Jeff I did not know but I hear he had problems with drugs but was trying to get himself clean of his addictions,BUT.....
    Dan well I did not know him but he was a follower as it seems . What they did was so not right so crazy and makes ya think WTF??
    I can only say WHY?
    But I Blame it all on Christina....
    God Bless the families they leave behind.
    I hope Christina gets Life...!
    May Mr Rubin Rest in Peace!

  13. Hey Christina
    YOU dragged Jeff & Dan in this mess
    You Deserve to die like you cold hearted killed your Father.
    Have Fun in State Prison for the rest of your stupid wasted life.
    You walked around Willow Grove Mall two weeks ago like nothing happend...Spending your Fathers Money. You are Freakin.. Crazy

  14. Great, this girl Rubin is in my graduate clinical and counseling psychology program; well 'was' in it. It is disturbing to think that this girl was on her way to becoming a therapist, but I'm more disturbed by the aftershock it will leave on our program.

  15. The Parents should take some responsibility here! Maybe if the Durkins got Dan help And his step dad didn't mentally abuse him or throw him out on the streets he wouldn't be here. They are just as guilty! Be Parents Face it you FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I went to school with her. She was nice to me and we where cool. I can't believe she did something so dumb. She should rot in jail for the rest of her life. He should to dumb ass for listing to her.

  17. I'd like to comment from a parent's perspective...I've known Jeff and Jackie since they were little ones in our local babysitting coop. I knew Dan through all of our kids growing up together and he would join along. Always was a follower.
    Jeff was well brought up. HHis parents are wonderful people who always did their best against hard odds. Jeff became an addict early in his teen years. His parents did everything short of locking him in his room - therapy, groups, in-patient treatment. They must have spent countless dollars on their son - and had many, many people praying for him.
    Jeff made horrible choices that will alter his life, and the lives of those he loves. He made these choices...his parent's should not be held responsible for their 20 year old sons actions. They did everything in their power to help him.

    Jackie - you are a young woman of faith. I can't imagine the pain you are in. I am praying for you and want you to know that many others are too. Please try to resist the temptation to read this stuff...it will only bring you pain. Those that did not know the real Jeff will never understand, though I commend your defense of your brother. I would do the same for mine.

    As the saying goes..."hate the sin, love the sinner". God bless all of you!

  18. Do NOT blame the fact that Jeff was on drugs & thats what made him do what he did !
    Oh come on no matter how screwed up on drugs you are well no one does what he & his sick ass ugly ass girlfriend did! The parents are not to blame & no matter what lead into this fight with ugly ass scum bag Christina & her Father the man did not deserve what The sick ohs did to him!!!
    They deserve to be on Die! Why do we as tax payers have to pay to keep their stupid sorry asses in Jail for the rest of their life. The fact that Jeff had a drug problem well thats NO excuse for what he did. What he did was fu***** Sick...!
    As For Dan well he got hooked in by Jeff & Christina, As for Christina, well I hope while she is in jail someone shoves a broom handle so far up her ass it comes out her throat . SICK BITCH!

  19. "As For Dan well he got hooked in by Jeff & Christina, As for Christina, well I hope while she is in jail someone shoves a broom handle so far up her ass it comes out her throat . SICK BITCH!"


  20. Dan Dougherty is just as guilty as all of them, I went to school with him at Jenkintown HS and I played football with him and right from the start, I knew he was a scumbag. For all the dumbasses that are defending him, pull your heads out of your asses, he was a pedofile and a pervert, he was having sex with girls that were so young they were in middle school while he was 18+, that he took advantage of because he couldn't get any from someone his own age, I remembber one was as young as 13 years old and he was 18, he was going to go to jail sooner or later and I couldn't be happier that he is because he doesn't belong anywhere else.

    I knew Jeff, I'm not condoning the malicious crime he's committed, but I do recognize that when he wasn't under the influence, he was a great kid. I'm praying for him.

  21. the moment i met jeff a few years ago i knew he was a horrible person. but fuck EVERYONE that has the balls to sit there n say "dans a follower and dans bad and dans a drug addict". everyone has their own shit but he was trying to help someone that he thought was his good friend. i agree that it was VERY stupid but random people have NO room to pass judgement. dan is the most kind hearted person ive ever met in my life, and i still feel that way despite what he did. so before you pass judgement on him think about what you would do if your best friend that you grew up with was in trouble and needed your help. hes not a bad person. hes my best friend and i love him no matter what mistake he made. i know for a fact how remorsefull he is and he would never hurt a fly unless he was trying to help someone that he loved. you guys need to get all the facts before you open your mouth.

  22. So I guess praying shows it doesn't work again. kudos

  23. It is very interesting to read this story and all the comments, and actually see how much of the information contained here is not true or simply left out.

    The story states that "Christina tried to cut off her dad's legs, but could not, so Jeffrey cut off both of them."

    That is false. The truth is Jeffrey and Dan actually cut off one of Mr. Rubin's leg's before wrapping him in trash bags, then a rug, and then Jeffrey and Dan disposed of Mr. Rubin's body.

    Another point the media has decided not to report, I can only assume for a more flashy story, is the fact that Christina had been beaten daily and berated constantly for the past 10 years. Her life had been threatened numerous times, as it was the weekend of the tragedy.

    I see so many comments about how Christina must have pulled Jeffrey into this mess. He was a good kid with drug problems. Christina is an abuse victim and Jeffrey took advantage of that vulnerability.

    Jeffrey already had a police record. In October 2008, he was arrested for resisting arrest, drugs, etc.,waiting for arraignment.
    Then, in November 2008, he murdered Mr. Rubin. Waiting for trial.
    Finally, he is arrested again in January 2009, and charged with 65 counts of robbery, criminal conspiracy, etc. Waiting for arraignment.
    All court information is public info under Montgomery County Courts System.

    I believe information should be correct and not fabricated. It is time that everyone is shown for what they really are, and not painted out to be some sort of angels with drug problems who were taken advantage of by the evil witch.

    Mr. Rubin was NOT a nice man!!
    There are NO EXCUSES for ANYTHING!!!! It is clear that everyone involved had some sort of problem....but the ending remains the same.

    Christina, Jeffrey and Dan will live the rest of their lives asking GOD's FORGIVENESS for the life that was taken.

  24. Marc Rubin Beat Christina For years, he allowed her to be part of a mob-connected family and overall failed his daughter in any type of quality raising. He also did many terrible things over the years. Jeff was a constant fuck-up and was just as copable in this situation as Christina. But the real person to blame was the one who raised her and ironically enough raised her to be capable of this action. It wasnt one argument..it was years of arguments. Christina Yearned to leave this type of behavior behind and help people with their issues. apparently she needed to work out her own. God Bless all involved and hopefully marc has worked out his karma

  25. Of course on one is "innocent" in all of this but i think ppl should stop insulting a girl who was obviously tremendously damaged by an apparently evil & vile excuse of a father!! what do you ppl EXPECT a sadistically & chronically abused child to do when she grows up?? To be fucking NORMAL & clear thinking with her head screwed on staright??!! HELL NO, THATS NOT HOW IT HAPPENS!! Instead of proclaiming the bf's innocence (which he did by his own choice, you cant FORCE someone to become a murderer!! duh)maybe you ppl should consider TURNING IN THE CHILD ABUSERS when the victim is still young enough to have a chance at a normal life!! Instead of running your mouths after the fact & the damge has been done.

  26. I went to school with Christina, and even though she did seem a bit off she was always very nice and welcoming to other people. When I saw her face on the news you can imagine my suprise. It was a horrible crime and they should all do there time. Nobody involved is innocent not even Dan. He knew what he was doing just as much as Christina and Jeff did. Im sorry for the families of the people involved I can only imagine what you're going through. It's not fair for people who don't know Christina, Jeff, or Dan to pass judgement on there actions. Everyone knows what they did was wrong, but they're people just like you and I. They had lives and people who cared about them so please try to keep negative comments to a minimum. You're not hurting Christina, or Jeff, of Dan because they're not the ones reading this. It's their family and friends that are reading all of you hateful comments.

  27. I went to high school with Christina, and did volunteer work with during college. Christina was hyper, short-tempered, and petty. We both worked for Jeff's mother, my '2nd mom' for a very long time. His mother is an angel. A kind woman, honest, hard-working, and I still consider her my mentor. The fact that people do bad things doesn't always come back to their parents...While I know Christina had a bit of a rough life (she did confide in me on several occasions,) this does not justify her behavior. At some point in life, you have to become your own person. How long are you going to blame your parents for your personal choices? I feel deep pain for Mrs. Leinheiser and her family, including the few that commented on this article. I hope that Mr. Rubin rests in peace, and I hope that Christina and Jeff both suffer the torments of their own mental agony over the choices that they, as adults, chose to make.

  28. these kids are such retards. dont defend any of them. i usta sell them weed with the money they stole from their parents. and ive done every drug in the book, but ive NEVER killed anyone. these kids were just fucked in the head, and they are where they belong

  29. ok, well i also knew christina really well, and no she didnt seem normal at all her father abused her EVERYDAY for no reason. She shouldnt of killed him that is ashame, her boyfriend had everything to do with it & so did dan. so everyone stop sayin bless dan. "f" christina & jeff was an addict bc they PLANNED it out so there is no excuse, god bless her father, may his soul rest in peace.

  30. i want all of you to stop being so mean to my family. i am a family mambers of chriatinas and all of thise hateful comments are making me feel like crap. so if you couls please stop, i would be very grateful. RIP uncle marc

    1. Mean?

      She shoved your Uncle Marc's dead body down a flight of stairs after hiring her bf to kill him.

  31. I just wanted to say i have had the chance to meet Christina and this was after the crime was commited and i dont understand how people can act like someone they are not. by the time i met her she went by the name "chris" and has a low hair cut and looks like a man .. she clams that shes gay !! im not judging her for that im confused how she was in love with this man and had him do this horrible thing to HER FATHER .. and now get years in jail and become gay! she may have changed but i hope she dont get into anyone else's head whether it be man or woman because no one will be safe!!!!


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