Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ryan Brinkerhoff Charged In WTC Arson

An employee at a financial trading firm at 7 World Trade Center was arrested in New York on charges of arson after trying to start a fire there.

Police say while intoxicated, Ryan V. Brinkerhoff, 24, originally of Illinois, stumbled into the building in an attempt to reach his office on the 34th floor.

Unfortunately for Brinkerhoff, he punched in the wrong code and wound up on the 35th floor instead.

After stumbling around aimlessly he realized he was on the wrong floor. Concerned, he then boarded a freight elevator which sent him even higher, to the 40th floor.

Worse yet for the drunken man he did not have the proper ID to exit that elevator. So after being trapped in there for roughly 30 minutes, he doused the doors with cleaning fluids in an attempt to start a fire.

The result however was a success. Because the fire alarm did go off, the elevator was then transported back to the main level where police were there waiting to arrest him.


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