Sunday, January 4, 2009

Steven Kelsey Tells Police He Raped Dying Sister

Tried to stab her "in the brain", suspect tells police:

19-year-old Steven Kelsey has allegedly admitted to police that he fatally stabbed his sister, 17-year-old Jesika Kelsey, to death sometime after a New Year's Eve party at her home.

Kelsey, who has entered a not guilty plea, told investigators that after stabbing Jesika in the neck and attempting to stab her "in the brain through her eye" also confessed to having sex with her as she was dying.

Steven Kelsey was arrested at a local party store where the manager was quoted as saying he appeared "frightened, hungry and cold, as well as mentally disturbed."

UPDATE: Kelsey sentenced to life in prison


  1. This monster is sick i actually graduated with this freak his sister was a freshman when i graduated i never thought he would do such a thing they seemed fairly normal maybe not rich but everyone in this fucked up town is poor so this makes me wonder what she did to drive him to insanity what secret was she going to reveal???? hmmm creepy

    1. Why did she have to do anything? Real shitty to blame the victim for a act of a monster.

  2. this is really sad!!!! i graduated with steve.. he was quiet and usually kept to himself in school, but i guess its the quiet ones you have to look out 4. my thoughts and prayers go out to jesika and her family. R.I.P


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