Thursday, January 22, 2009

Zachary Riley Jailed On Molestation Charges

A cheerleading coach has been arrested by Mississippi state police on statutory rape and child molestation charges.

Zachary Riley, 23, of Sumrall had previously taught at both Purvis High and Presbyterian Christian School before being arrested Tuesday following a lengthy investigation.

The alleged incidents are said to have involved two females under the age of fourteen.


  1. Of course he did! What do you expect when you put a bunch of semi-naked, gyrating, ovulating, pubescent girls in front of a 23 year old man for G*ds sake? If anything, the principal should also be arrested for entrapment. I can't believe not one flag went up before this happened. Are we all on drugs?

    Who did the school think this guy was? C-3PO?


  2. Totally disgusted from just hearing this news. Glad he was arrested! Hope he is jailed for a very long time.

  3. With every media story about a school or church sexual abuse scandal, we have become jaded to the point that we are no longer pro-active in stopping abuse.

    This offender should have been stopped when he worked for the Christian school. It is a fact, there are more churchgoers and staff with a history of sexual offending than there are churches.

    There is a solution! Keeping Kids Safe Ministries provides accountability for church leaders to protect kids. Tell your church leaders to desire accountability and visit our website

    Thank you,

    Greg Sporer
    Co-founder, Keeping Kids Safe Ministries


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