Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Aaron Zendejas Is The World's Worst Babysitter

Suspect allegedly rented out kids like sex slaves:

A San Diego, California babysitter has been arrested after allegedly taking money from various child molesters and letting them assault those children that had previously been in his care.

Police say they searched the home of Aaron Zendejas, 24, of El Cajon, and discovered several photos of children involved in sex acts.

Zendejas, who had earlier plead not guilty to several of the charges, faces at least 42 years to life if convicted.

The child porn ring is said to have been led by fugitive suspect Jared Yaffe, who is accused of paying the babysitters in the area so that he could molest them.

If you have anymore information concerning these cases you are asked to contact the San Diego Police at (619) 531-2000 or San Diego County Crime Stoppers at (888) 580-8477.

Anyway, Zendejas MySpace cache is via the .cn portal so some of it might be a little difficult to read although MySpaceProfiles has made that problem somewhat easier. I've also went ahead and archived part of his Facebook here.

It should also be noted that Zendejas often used the following screenames online, "nothingsman26", "motorcrossgod26", and "xmetalmulisha420".


  1. aaron was one of my best friend 5 years ago. we lost touch, but never in a million years do i believe he did anything wrong to those children. he has to have been forced by jared. i know jared and know he is a SOB! Aaron is innocent

  2. i know aaron for more than 7 years and no that he would not such a thing he is innocent

  3. Aaron would never do anything like that! I was friends with him for Many Many years and was always hanging out with him at the mall. If I called him he would come right over no hesitations. So How would he do something Ike this? Let him out!!!! He's innocent!!!!


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