Sunday, February 8, 2009

Stevie Buckley Charged With Manslaughter Of Baby Girl

Mother spent time smoking dope instead:

In the sleepy little city of Bismarck, North Dakota police have charged an 18-year-old mother with manslaughter in the death of her baby infant.

According to police, Stevie Buckley, originally of Grand Forks, had taken her daughter into the emergency room sometime on Monday. Upon viewing the child, doctors noticed that the infant appeared dehydrated and had been so undernourished that her ribs were showing.

When police searched Buckley's home, they seized bottles of whiskey and vodka as well as drug paraphernalia and marijuana.

During an interview with investigators, Buckley admitted to drug use and child neglect.


  1. You all don't even know the case.. You shouldn't be posting shit that you don't know about..

  2. Did you write the same thing to the folks at the Bismarck Tribune and to KXMC?

    Because that's where I got the information from.

  3. Yeah, it for the Innocence Project, though I don't see what they can do, since Buckley admitted to comitting the crimes and there was no evidence of police misconduct in obtaining said confession.

  4. This piece of crap killed her kid. Partying was more important than feeding her child. She is only getting 5 years for this. Pisses me off! When she gets out of prison you know this tramp is going to get knocked up again. Our tax dollar at work.

  5. when u don't know nobody and there back ground based on stuff u here and never meeting the person dose'nt make them a tramp or bad person unless u was there friend but anyways stevie was an still is a good person to this day.

  6. stevie is a good person... dont get me wrong its messd upp times 2 for wat she did too that baby!!!!


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