Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mom Who Posed As Daughter Online Nabs Suspected Predator

An Anderson, California man has been arrested after he allegedly tried to solicit sex from a mother who had been posing as her underage daughter online.

According to reports, 24-year-old William Ambord contacted whom he believed to be a 15-year-old girl online and proceeded to make sexually suggestive comments to her.

While the mother continued posing as her daughter online she found that message got more grotesque and at one point Ambrod is alleged to have even masturbated for her using his webcam.

Ambord then invited the "daughter" to a Sacramento Motel 6 where he was later arrested after the unidentified mom contacted police.

Ambord who often uses the screename, "photovoric", once defended the following comment left on a Yahoo! message board from an individual inquiring on Dakota Fanning's bra size in 2005:
"Does aNYONE know what size bra Dakota wears and is there any panty
shots in the movie Dreamer?"
After an angry commenter slammed the message and suggested that the above user was a pedophile

Ambrod later disturbingly defended it in writing:
"who cares, stop trying to sensor everyone who thinks differently"
So apparently, Ambrod sees it all as some sort of lifestyle choice and finds it annoying that people are trying to "sensor" others who think "differently"?

Interesting, I'm surprised it took police this long to catch onto Mr. Ambrod's alleged activities before they suddenly arrested him this past Sunday.

Anyway, the money quote comes at the end of the article from the mother herself.
"Worry less about protecting their privacy and just protect your children".
That's some good advice for anyone who thinks that their children's social networking account, available for all to see, is just a more complex updated version of their personal diary's from their own youth.


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