Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sean McMahon Charged In Sex Abuse Of Boy, 11

A Burton, Michigan man was arrested last month after a Flint mother contacted police and told them that he had sexually abused her 11-year-old son.

Reports state that the 11-year-old boy told her mother as she was putting him to sleep that he had watched gay porn with 27-year-old Sean P. McMahon and that he had "rubbed him".

According to The Flint Journal:
"The mother called a friend who was letting McMahon stay at his home and also knew the password to his computer. The pair told police they looked at the computer while McMahon wasn't home and found a picture of her son naked with McMahon holding a camera in the reflection of a mirror.

The boy said that McMahon gave him alcohol, slept in the same bed with him and gave him a Valentine's Day card that said "I love you ... please love me back."

Police said McMahon told them that he and the boy had performed oral sex on each other six to eight times but claimed the boy initiated it."
When officers searched McMahon's residence they recovered a bizarre sex chart with about 50 different names of people whom he is believed to have had sex with.

Police fear he may have met some of those individuals through MySpace.


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