Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kevin Freed Accused Of Possessing Child Pornography

A 20-year-old Florida man is currently residing at the Martin County Jail after being accused by police of possessing numerous pornographic images and videos of children.

Kevin Joshua Freed, of Palm City, was greeted by officers on Friday and when confronted allegedly told them he did posses pornography on his computer but "wasn't sure whether any involved children".

Investigators I guess thought otherwise and subsequently placed him in jail in lieu of $100,000 bail.

On his above MySpace profile, Kevin passes himself off as a "Juggalo" in the picture area on his account.  "Ive been down with the clown since 95", writes Kevin on another site as well.

Perhaps the biggest chuckle we can get from Mr. Freed is from his now deceased VampireFreaks account.

Using the screenname, "IzzyEvilMurdoch", Kevin writes the following on it:
"Yo im 20, I use to be a metal promoter ( IZZY EVIL) my friends call me Murdock. Im straight forward, real random, a little insane ( permatrippin) im ur hidden romantic, a hide that side of me actually, but i still stay true to who I am, I am a fighter, I am real stubborn at times, but thats usually why I win. I believe fighting is an art. Charles Manson was a visionary. I really dont know what to write.... Im self teaching myself Tai Chi. Charles Manson was a visionary!!! and A-Team Rulez!!! Meh if you have any questions just ask. I live all over florida currently residing in the MIA. I hate fake people, everyone else already puts on a mask and hides their true selves, but to act completely different..... Im your best friend with loyalty more than family, or I can be your worst enemy ( KOS)."
Even with my edit job, that's still a lot of crap to read and for that I apologise. My reason for posting was the "I hate fake people, everyone else already puts on a mask and hides their true selves" part. 

Which would explain your fascination with the paint loving teen angst crowd, 'eh Kevin?

Besides the above photo of Kevin hiding his true self with a mask, here's yet another amazingly awesome picture of him.  The one without one:


  1. Hey im good friends with kevin. and if thers one thing i can say is he isnt fake. he hates society and hates what u view as wrong and im right there with him. im not sayin what he did was ok or that i approve. i am sayin he is him and his brothers will always love him and the opinion of u page surfing retards dosnt really matter. u wanna talk, find me. signed: LuLu

  2. LuLu...

    You spelt doesn't wrong. Until you fix this please refrain from calling us "retards".

    Thanks :)

  3. LuLu is right. Kevin really isn't a bad person, and he is DEFFINATLY not a fake. I didn't know him for very long but I'm honored to say that I did. No, I also cant say that what he did was ok, but like LuLu said, the opinions of people who never knew him don't matter. Your just judging him because he did one thing bad, like you've never screwed up in you life. Nobody is perfect. He never tries to be, he just tries to be himself. I will also always love him and stick up for him, just like many others would.


  4. Cool MySpace pic. Pull the trigger dude!

    As for the Kevin supporters.... you poor, dumb asshats. LOL

  5. ok i went to school with kevin and he was my neighbor. he was and always will be a creepy psychopath. he comes from a wierd family i feel bad for his brothers and sisters and he was definately unstable with definate potential for danger towards kids. all of his suppoters are all FREAKS!!!!!!!!!

  6. To the comment above; Your an asshole and shouldn't be talking. How about you look in the mirror!

  7. Hammer of JusticeMarch 15, 2011 at 5:25 PM

    1 less of these trailor trash, embarassing "Juggalo" retards in society is NEVER a bad thing. Stupid douche should have pulled the trigger. Who would have given a shit? Really? Sub human wastes of skin.

  8. I wish people knew what they were talking about before bashing people that they DONT EVEN KNOW! You WEAK-MINDED people MAKE ME SICK! Before talking trash, maybe getting your facts straight would be a good idea!!


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