Saturday, April 18, 2009

Larry Scherger Faces Rape Charges

Ohio--A Fostoria man was arrested by police on Wednesday on accusations that he raped a young girl during a period of about 10 years.

Larry A. Scherger, was indicted on one count of rape, two counts of sexual battery and two counts of gross sexual imposition for allegedly engaging in sexual relations with the child believed to have been less than 13 when the incidents purportedly occurred.

Scherger, who writes that he is a "happily married man" on his MySpace, could face up to life in prison if convicted on all charges.


  1. I am one of larry's sons and what you say there is bullshit, my father was happily married and now is facing 5 years in prision, its bullshit that the advertiser had to post his face twice on the front page and its bullshit that you post this about my dad

    larrys youngest

  2. I think if it happened to u maybe u would not be saying how this is bullshit. maybe if u were there for the actual victim instead of the rapist asshole then maybe u would feel differently.....not to mention u took this rapists car laptop clothes and house....gee i wonder why u support him! he only got 5 yrs but shoulda got life! hope he takes it in the ass....

  3. My condolences to you for being a pedo sex offender's son.

    Update: Larry Scherger took a deal for the lower charge of Sexual Battery. He is currently incarcerated and his release date is expected to be April, 13, 2014. How pitiful. The only way he should ever be allowed out of prison is feet first. Bah!

  4. Hammer of JusticeApril 12, 2010 at 2:58 AM

    Sad they dont take scum like this out of prison in a pine box. Hopefully in the 5 short years he's there he gets AIDS.

  5. SomeonewhotruelycaresApril 26, 2010 at 8:07 AM

    It is truely sickening that someone who completely mind fucked his own children is only serving 5 years. He took away the courage of a beautiful woman ( child at the time ) who has suffered so much, dealing with panic attacks and other issues because of this sick creature. I do not even consider him human for what he has done. I understand why his other children would be upset but then again it is a bit twisted to stand behind someone who has completely ripped a family apart,and then want to allow your children to be around someone who has mentally damaged your own family. I understand that the Advertiser posting his face on the front page of the paper was a little embarassing but it was what needed to be done for when he gets out. He is a preditor believe it or not. Imagine if your own children were in the same situation, would you want their monsters face posted on the front page of the paper so other children do not have the same happen to them? It is also kind of funny how you can take his car, house, clothes and such, what is he going to have when he is (unfortunatly) released? I guess you took all of his stuff because you "care" or maybe it was because you needed money to buy stupid shit.. Who knows ;) My only hope is that karma takes its toll and then some.

  6. Even better about the fact that the "happliy married" was all a lie considering his wife did not know he was raping his own daughter for however many years and now in fact her own children and grandchildren were in not only does that make him a pathetic piece of shit but it also makes everyone that knew this information a bunch of selfish asshole's.because ill tell you this much if it were me and no one told me about it and i had a chance or my children had a chance to have a heads up there would be hell to pay. See,the problem is everyone like the son needs to put himself in everyone else's do you think "they" feel..because if i were raping your daughter im pretty sure you wouldnt be on my site defending me would you??

  7. Very true but if you guys understood what all happened after my parents were divorced, yes my father did wrong, but my sister who had this happen to, had her son watched by this man,while the cops were investigating, so iask why would you let someone who did that to you watch your son? Along with that she accepted gifts by this man, and along with that when her dog got demolished by a car, her piece of shit husband couldn't even clean up the mess, but my dad drove out of his way to help her out, again, yes my dad is paying for his price, but my sister is not so perfect, so say what you may, I still feel this should of been stopped a long time ago not almost ten years later

  8. To all of u commenting on here,

    Im larry's oldest son and i was abused as well as my sister but i still choose to love my father. Thank you for your support but unless you've A)been abused yourself or B)know our family, then i don't really think that u should be commenting on this particular situation. Yes, i agree, he did need punished like we all do for mistakes we make but to wait until he's a fifty something year old man(20 years later) to do so is crap. I used to be scared of my dad and when i was young i could see the monster inside the man but i assure you all that the loving grandpa that resides in prison is not that monster. I have 2 daughters(one is eight and one is one)and even though i dont see the monster anymore i wont leave them alone with him and will explain to them the situation when old enough because my #1 job is protecting them.


  9. Well now, I guess that means that I can leave a comment on this considering that I was sexually assaulted as a child by a family member. I DON'T CARE IF IT'S 70 YEARS LATER, IF YOU DO THE CRIME THEN DO THE TIME!!! A grown man or woman KNOWS BETTER!!! When a man or woman does this to a child that child get's life & so should the ADULT that did it!!! I am 40 years old & have been through YEARS of counseling & it has not done any good. I still ask myself what did I do to cause this. I guarantee that if it REALLY happened to you then you WOULD NOT be taking up for him! They shouldn't even waste the pine on him for a box, just throw him in the septic tank & forget about him. I understand that he's your dad but it's not your fault that he's a piece of shit that don't deserve to live. Just remember, you can't change the spots on a leopard. When he done the deed it was intentional with NO care for the victim. He WILL do it again!!! Sex Offenders are like rabied dogs. You can't fix them so put them down!!!!!!!!!!


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