Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Police: Teacher Louis Jay Levine Filmed Kids Having Sex

Suspect "slipped through the cracks" for three decades:

A long time teacher "serving" various schools in the state of Tennessee has been arrested on charges of producing child pornography. Police even say they have recovered 400 different video tapes with handwritten labels on them.

According to reports, that teacher was none other than 52-year-old Louis Jay Levine, of Murfreesboro, who was activity filming various teenagers for decades doing drugs and having sex with each other at his home.  

Yes, that's right...decades.

The case began last month when a mother contacted authorities and told them that her son and other teenagers were given alcohol, marijuana and having sex at the good teacher's home in Belle Meade.

Armed with a search warrant, detective paid a visit to Levin's residence and found an "isolation room" as well monitoring and recording equipment throughout his property. 

Detective's also paid a visit to former students of his from the 70's & 80's who told them that they to had used his home for drugs and sex and were also recorded electronically. 

One now adult man even claimed he woke up naked there and found himself being touched by Levine. 
Sadly, not a single person ever reported Levin to the police until late last month and had his dark secret never been uncovered I wonder how more decades this would have continued.

Prior to his arrest, Louis Levine had been a first-year teacher with Murfreesboro City Schools and is also said to have initally traveled the area teaching elementary and middle school students as well.

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  1. Levine worked for the Cumberland Science Museum, Nashville (now known as Adventure Science Center) for many years. I attended science day camps as a kid and later worked with him as one of the museum's youth volunteers during my teens.

    Let me say very clearly, I was alone with him several times, I had numerous conversations with him about a range of topics, and never once did anything he say or do even approach the line of inappropriateness. That said, all of us agreed that he was a bit eccentric...most of us just chalked it up to the notion that he was the quintessential science geek.

    My point in posting this is that throughout his years at the museum, he had charge of hundreds and hundreds of children and teens.


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