Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ricardo Medina Charged In Death Of Baby

A 21-year-old Missouri man has been charged with felony child abuse after allegedly throwing a 1-year-old girl five feet onto a hardwood floor resulting in her untimely death late last week.

Ricardo Medina, of Bismarck, was apprehended by officers after police responded to the home where the 1-year-old was found barley breathing and lying on a couch. The child was quickly taken to a hospital where she later died on April 2nd.

The child's mother, Jaimee Scott, 22, has been charged with child endangerment for failing to protect her daughter from abuse.

Thanks to a tipster for both profiles and the original article.


  1. I am a friend of Jaimie. She adored her daughter and was trying to patch things up with Ricardo to make a family for her daughter. When she saw Ricardo crushing the little girl in his arms, she attacked him to protect her daughter. That's when he threw the little girl and choked Jaimie into unconsciousness. When she came to, she called 911, but it was too late. I know her judgement may have been wrong in Ricardo (many women have bad "man radar"), but she was a devoted mother and her child was one of the happiest I have ever seen.

  2. There is more to this whole story and someone is not telling the truth!!! I know that the “mother” was asked by family if anything was wrong and said nothing. She also had no problem calling Cardo’s family members collect to ask for money when needed. So if she was so abused why didn’t she phone her parents collect and ask them to get her out of the situation??? While Cardo was working in Florida she was alone for hours while he was at work, why not call family then??? The day of this accident she was on a 4 wheeler with Cardo. How can she have a good time with someone she was so afraid of?? She had no problem traveling back and forth with Cardo, living off of Cardo’s family generosity, giving them a place to live for free and a car to drive. Sounds like someone is hiding behind the defense of abuse to keep themselves out of trouble. I would die first before I would let anyone touch my child. If my child died I don’t think I would be on myspace 2 days after she died to post a comment, now that is a grieving parent!! And then ask people for money for her defense through facebook! I know this hard for a lot of people but I cannot stand by and say nothing. I beg people to please think about some of the stuff above, I’m sure some women and men will find some of her story untrue!

  3. first off anonymous from 17 april 2009 is ricardos sister. because that same exact post was on her myspace, but thats beside the point. i've known jaimee for 6 years, and the two of us have had our differences but this is blatent bull shit. jamiee would NEVER just let that happen too her own daughter. whats funny about ricardo is when he had first found out jamiee was preggos he tried to deny that it was even his kid at all! he never wanted a kid from the get go, i guess he got what he wanted. my heart goes out to you jamiee... think hard and you know who i am~ wrangler

  4. the poster above me, "wrangler", was suspected of being madeline's dad as well by jaimee.

  5. You are right that there are always 2 sides. I know nothing of Ricardo. Tell me what kind of father he was. Tell me of the diapers he changed and the sleepless nights he spent comforting her when she was sick or teething. Tell me how he supported her financially when he and Jaimee weren't together so his daughter would have safe housing, nutritious food and adequate clothing. Tell me how he is grieving now for the death of his daughter. Tell me about the memorial he is planning to honor her life. How did he shoulder he resposibility?

  6. Ricky does not have a sister and what happened to "until proven guilty".

  7. I worked with Ricardo, for a week or two. I can say he is a complete asshole. Everyone that worked with him will say the same. I feel bad for Jamie and the death of the baby is a tradgey. However I'm glad "cardo" will be behind bars for a very long time.


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