Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bryan Hall Arrested For Killing "MySpace Friend"

Nevada--In the ever deteriorating crime-ridden city of Las Vegas, a 28-year-old man has been arrested and charged by police with the murder of a fellow MySpace friend on the premises of Caesar's Palace.

Bryan Hall, 28, appeared in court early Monday morning in the killing Bradley Flamm, 27, who police say previously knew each other when they worked together last year at the Trevi Italian restaurant inside the Forum Shops at the hotel.

While detective don't exactly know the motives resulting in the unfortunate incident, they do say that a rock had been used in the slaying.

Authorities have also speculated that MySpace was used to link both the suspect and the victim as Hall is rumored to have listed Flamm as a friend.

Besides the above MySpace profile, Hall is said to have used following account found here, in which he claims to have been involved with a martial arts organization.


  1. rock was taken away from victim and used in self defense.
    Get your story straight.

  2. To anonymous said...u basically admitted that your homeboy Bryan used a rock to kill a good friend of mine, Brad. Good job smart a$$. Self defense my a$$. Go to hell, jerk!

  3. so i knew bryan hall and he already had a past history of prison because he beat a guy to at a bar about 3 years ago.. cant trust these conivicts.. how did he get a job as a felon anyway!!!!
    this is a sad story and im sorry to hear of this loss.. look at those eyes there eyes of a motive killer

  4. I have been friends with Brad for 6 or so years. We dated back when I was 18-19..The last time I saw him physically was December08-Jan 09. I am thankful for the sweat pants I stole from him to go home in, as it was cold!! I wear then often, and find comfort in the memories I am blessed to have. Thanks to BRYAN for taking him away from us!! BRYAN HALL is up for the death penalty!! I hope he is never let out again. Woman Beater in prison. THat should be fun for him. Justice needs to B served!! Brad was an incredible person. Bryan caused more heartbreak than is bareable. My heart goes out to Brad's last girlfriend he was blessed to have in his life before this monster, took him from her as well... RIP BRADLEY!! && I hope BRYAN enjoys his new life in hell!!

  5. Dude was a broke dick want to be UFC figher. He did not take the rock in self defense. I hope he enjoys getting ass raped for the rest of his life..
    I hope he dies in jail..

    he is a fucking PUSSY!!!

  6. haha so someone said that bryan had a record for a bar fight.. wow ur dumb to believe him.. his violent record might have been because he tried to kill his ex wife several times.. oh yea and even his own baby.. that's really why he was in prison.. and when he got out he tried to do it again.. it's public record look it up.. he's going to get what he deserves.. it just sad that he had to kill someone before they put him away for good..

  7. This guy is such a scumbag. I worked with him at Spago and he was just a flat out douche. One time he gave my girlfriend a ride home to our house and he came in to use the bathroom. I had 2800 bux to pay my rent the next day sitting on my counter and he stole it. He got fired from spago the next day for snorting xanex in the hallway and then disappered so I wasn't able to smash his face in.

  8. well today he was given the DEATH sentence.. Article said he beat victim with a rock, a paint bucket, slit his throat twice, strangled him with a necktie then hide victims body near loading docks.. SICK EVIL person.

  9. oh just for your information assholes hes free

  10. God bless you all but only God can judge Bryan Lee Hall and he the Father will judge you all above as well!!! Bryan was an incredible person, Bradley Flamm should of not fucked Bryan wife and tell Bryan that he came in her with so much cum he was surprised she did not have twins I'm not saying Bradley should of died but he was not an Angel on earth either. Adultery is a sin and Murder aswell! Peace be with u all!!!

  11. Only a year later mms fighter Jason sindelar would kill his own friend Demario Reynolds, after demario stopped Jason from killing his own girlfriend. A drunk Jason beat his own close friend to death with his own two hands. What does this actually say about mms fighting, mixed martial arts manages to spark a rage in an individual who has not outlet for what's building up inside them. If they aren't going to fight professionally, they shouldn't be training at all.

    1. Also, it' kind of weird that you were quick to blame MMA but completely over-looked alcohol and drugs...just an observation.

  12. In general, most people take MMA, not mms as you've called it, because they already had the "rage", as you say, inside them. So are you saying that there should be regulations on what people can train themselves in? That's not even enforceable. Listen, MMA is like any other art, such as fine arts, where the responsibility to find a way to make money off of your skill/art is on you and you alone. Nobody is responsible for finding a way to make money off of a skill-set other then the person with the skill set. Cowards don't have the perseverance to do that because they're cowards and want everything done for them, so this Jason person couldn't fight professionally because he didn't have what it took to compete at that level, so he instead used what little he knew on someone who either knew less, or was just not physically capable at that time to deal with Jason. Another problem is there are people who speak with authority on this subject when they know nothing about the subject itself... In the fight world it is taught that whatever you give to your opponent, you grant them permission to give the same right back to you. In other words, don't say it, if you can't back it up. And from my experience, it's tough to back up anything correctly when you are ill-informed on the topic being disputed--whether it be physically fighting or verbally debating. Best wishes.


  14. I can't believe what happened to Brad. And the guy Bryan has shown only remorse for his sorry ass getting busted abd going to prison. Not for murdering someone. I feel sorry for his wife. RIP Brad


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