Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jacob Myran Wrecks Daughter's Sleepover

A 25-year-old man won't be winning Minnesota's "father of the year" award after being accused by police of getting wasted, then crawling up his daughter's bunk bed and sexually assaulting her best friend, an 8-year-old.

The good dad, Jacob Myran, of Zumbrota, has been charged with first and second-degree criminal sexual conduct and could even be facing more charges since the police have now confiscated his laptop which they say he used to access child pornography.

Normally I wouldn't add a profile such as his since it's essentially non-existent, however because of the severity of the alleged crime I believe it's definitely worthy of a post here.

At least Myran can now finally add at a picture to his profile. 

I think we all hate that anyway...


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