Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jason Browder Charged With Child Porn

Bond set at one million:

Illinois--A lengthy investigation conducted by the Murphysboro Police Department and Jackson County Sheriff's Office has landed a 31-year-old man in jail on child porn charges.

A search warrant revealed that Jason Alan Browder, of Murphysboro, possessed numerous videos and images of children "well under the age of 18".

The search, which was conducted on May 7, subsequently led to Browder's incarceration with his bond set at at a massive $1,000,000.

Police say the investigation continues.

UPDATE: Browder's girlfriend, Amanda Bastien, 25, also arrested in connection with the case.


  1. I'm sure this is a mistake. Such a grease-ball looking guy couldn't have done this. The kids probably sent him the pics without his knowledge

  2. I know of this person, and graduated with his girlfriend Amanda. It would not surprise me that these two were involved with such things. Amanda always seemed a bit off.

  3. i know amanda went to jr. high and highschool with her shes on myspace look her up. i was not friends with her, i have no sympathy for ppl who promote the production of child porn. i wish no luck your on your own!

  4. I actually graduated a year after Jason did from the same High School. Jason is a sick basterd that needs his man parts cut off!!!!


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