Saturday, May 9, 2009

Police: Firefighter Justin Weaver Admits Molesting Baby

A Rochester, Illinois volunteer firefighter has allegedly admitted to molesting a 13-month-old baby after being indicted by a grand jury on child pornography charges.

Justin Weaver, 24, who is also alleged to have molested at least one other child, was found to be in possession of a total of 4,080 images of child pornography that had been recovered on several computers believed to have been accessed by him.

The case against Weaver purportedly started on New Year's Eve when he confessed to his wife and friends that he had been viewing child pornography. During a subsequent conversation Weaver told another friend of his that he had sexually assaulted her 13-month-old son while he baby sat him last fall.

According to The State Journal Register:

"One family member told police Weaver justified his abuse of the 13-month-old, stating, “that’s not abuse, I didn’t hurt him,” and that “I didn’t hurt him, he was asleep,” the court documents say."

The other victim Weaver allegedly admitted to molesting was a 7-year-old relative.

Besides his above MySpace profile, Weaver also maintained another more recent one found here.

UPDATE: Weaver pleads guilty

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  1. i have the misfortune to have the same name as this creep. and i live in the same area. i dont mind taking flak for things ive done, but i got trouble at work because of this criminal. i wish you guys and other news outlets wouldve posted his photo along with the name so there wouldnt be any confusion.


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