Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Police: Michael Dean Bullington Killed Ashlin Munday & Daniel Smith

Children witnessed the whole incident:

Missiouri--A 23-year-old Hazelwood man is dead today after shooting himself in the head, but not before he took the innocent lives of his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend with him.

Police say Michael Dean Bullington shot to death both Ashlin Munday, 23, and Daniel Smith, 24, in front of three children (Bullington and Munday's daughter Taylor, 3, and son Landon, 2, as well as Smith's son Carter, 3).

After slaying the two, Selfish Bullington got in his car and drove a short distance, grabbed his shotgun, pointed it to his head and pulled the trigger.

Bullington, who I'm sure now resides in hell, had reportedly been upset after Munday kicked him out of their home recently.

Bullington's mother was quoted in the St. Louis Dispatch as saying:

"That was his first love, they'd been together since they were about 16," Hatch said. "She abruptly kicked him out. He wasn't expecting it. He loved her and he loved those kids so much."
Which is of course is utter nonsense and I'm sure it might make her feel better about the whole situation, but of none of this is remotely true. I can't figure out how if he loved her so much, why would he then go around and kill her?  Now their kids have no mommy, or daddy...that's not love.

Sounds to me it's more like hate, mixed in with a whole of selfishness. Which is usually a recipe for murder.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of both Ashlin and Daniel. 

Besides the above MySpace profile, Mr. Bullington also maintained another account here, specifically designed to show off his great rapping "skills".

Thanks to our very own Metro STL Watchdog for both the original article and MySpace profile links.


  1. Ignorant shit. Didn't YOUR mother tell you not to speak ill of the deceased. It's a tragedy. Plain and simple. Now shut the fuck up.

  2. i hope this man burns in hell, ashlin never did shit to anyone. he was fuckin crazy and he deserved to die. and to the mother of the crazy psyco killer...if he loved her and those babies so much y did he kill her right in front of them. he didnt love them!!

  3. this is to you dumb slut that decided you had the courage to call my friend a name is kristen and if you werent such a coward your shit wouldnt have been posted anonymously! go to hell and please do the world a favor and fall off!

  4. Ashlin cheated on micheal. im his cousin, my aunt is fuckin crazy cause of peices of shit like you talking bad about him. the kids are fine if anyone wants to know. have a good day guys

  5. 5 years later, reading what uneducated fucktards had to say, still pisses me off. I too am his cousin, my family to this day is struggling with what happen, and I know and understand that Ashlin' s, and Daniels are as well. Shit like this just made it ten times harder. So, fuck you whoever wrote this.

  6. Id watch what you say... I was there and seen the bullshit he dealt with from this family. And im not talking about cheating. Im talking about the deep dark secrets im sure the Mundays wouldnt want out. What he did was wrong and nothing justifies it. But stop acting like your family is so wonderful. And stop treat his mother as if it was her fault. You people are just as screwed up if not more.

    1. The Mundays have some deep secrets of their own that Micheal had to try and wrap around his mind and they had the nerve to treat him as if he were the one causing Ashlyn emotional and physical harm. Why dont you ask her step father and mother what was really going on when Ashlyns step father called or text wanting ashlyn to come over.


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