Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ryan Clewell Charged With Soliciting MySpace Girls

Suspect used fake name to contact victims:

A 25-year-old Oshkosh, Wisconsin man could face up to 100 years in prison after being charged with six counts of soliciting a child for prostitution after allegedly using MySpace to solicit six young girls between 12 & 15 for sex.

Ryan A. Clewell, 25, admitted to police he made contact and arranged to meet various underage girls to perform sex acts for money. On one occasion Clewell engaged in sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old for $300, according to a complaint.

Clewell told officers that he created a fake identity, “Jamaal,” to contact the girls because he wanted to “create a degree of separation” and that ultimately his alter-ego became a “pimp” for him".

Clewell is currently being held on $5,000 cash bond.


  1. I know this guy and am completely nauseated. We dated for a few months and I had no clue! I feel like a complete idiot. I can't believe I introduced this sick person to my kid... I hope he rots in jail... this was all going on WHILE WE DATED! I just feel completely sick...

  2. I know him too, at least I think I do. He was SSG Clewell from C co 3 BSTB NETOPS, right?

  3. Yall are some bonafide haters. He just got caught up in the struggle. those girls were just his friends.

  4. those girls were just his friends?!?! He admitted to it! Dude was in the army too. I am mad that he was able to get out on a cash bond. He lives in the general area where these girls were from.

  5. Yes he is the same person you are thinking about... he just recently got out of jail. I was livid he got out on cash bond. It's completely disgusting. I know he was due back in court on the 27th of July but can't find anything saying what the outcome was. He was not caught in the 'struggle'. He offered money to these girls for sex.. and admitted it. There it is... bottom line. He is sick and needs to go to jail.

  6. F'n serious! WTF!? I served with this guy while on active duty. I'm in shock and I'm sick to my stomach. Let justice take its course. Disgusting!

  7. I like how everyone that has something negative to say only posts as anonymous

  8. I served with him on active duty for 5 years. SSG Clewell served honorably and deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom twice.

    He was in Iraq when Sadaam Hussain was both caught/arrested and executed, while most of you more-moral-than-thou pudknockers were waiting on the school bus or sitting home on mama's couch jerking your orange cocks while eating cheetos.

    He rightfully earned the benefits he received when he was discharged HONORABLY from active duty. After he realized he needed some help and went to the VA for counseling, he was ignored, and his paper work was lost on several occasions. The system turned its back on him when he needed help the most.

    Everyone is quick to cast judgement on the individual when incidences such as this happen, but it won't be the first and won't be the last in a line of horrendous events that stem from the Army's general disregard for the common soldier. Google William Kreutzer if you think I'm lying to you.

    Now I condemn him for what he did with every fiber of my soul and quite frankly couldn't stand the guy most of the time, but I accept this travesty for what it is and blame him not as a roque pervert, but as one element in a multi faceted trifecta of failure that allowed this to happen. I feel equally responsible are the parents, the girls themselves, and the Army / VA system.

    I'm not saying had he gotten the help he requested that he wouldn't have committed these crimes, unfortunately that we'll never know but I feel it raises alot of questions about our society that most don't want to address

  9. Actually, Ryans been a pervert for years. It had nothing to do with the Army.

  10. Actually, Ryan's been a pervert for years. It has nothing to do with the army.

  11. Someone should just strap a fuckin grenade to his face and toss him off a cliff. Sick bastards never get better and as ling as we all accept what happens and or blame it on anything other than the sicko himself all of our children will be in danger.

  12. I was the one who reported it when my little sister told me (12 years old) he is sick. As fuck. I looked that nasty fucker in the eyes at court. N testified agented him. The army is supposed to protect your country. But why would somone who protects us? Hurt little girls. My best friend has been traumatized by all this. He chased me n her down the street when. He seen us walking to the gas station. I will never for get or forgive this man. He is a disgrace to the u.s army.

    1. Thanks for stepping up. I can't imagine where and what age Ryan would stopped at.

      He probably wouldn't have, would he?

  13. What a horrible tale you tell.....unfortunately for you I know Ryan and he let me read all of his paper work. You make yourself sound like an innocent victim to all these people but I read the police report and investigation notes. You originally lied to him about your age and you were the one trying to pump your friends out to him!!! You aren't innocent in this. Now Ryan should have been punished because once he knew your age he didn't stop but don't act like you're a victim. Your friends are victims, you however are not. You should have gone to jail too. Quit lying. #thetruthcomeout

  14. There is some real junk on here. A lot of bogus people saying some bogus stuff. However I wish to address the "brave" young "lady" that testified against him in court. First off I read all of Ryan's paper work because he showed it to me, the police reports, investigators notes, court notes and while Ryan did deserve to go to jail let's stop this tale of woe from you. The truth is you tried to pimp out your 12 yr old "sister" to Ryan after originally lying to him about your and her age. This is fact people she admitted to it to the police....She tried to pimp out many of her friends to Ryan. Now Ryan did eventually learn their true ages and didn't stop so he needed to be locked up. But this woman is not a victim....not even close. She deserved to go to jail more than Ryan! She pimped out her friends. She is a con-artist. She helped make her friends victims she is not a victim. She is a sex offender herself and it's despicable that she continues to claim to be a victim. #thetruthcomeout


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