Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Marty Oswald Could Face Death In Rape Of Child

Brother witnessed assault of sister, say police:

Florida--A Plant City man is facing multiple charges after being arrested for the rape of a little 9-year-old Manatee girl.

Marty Oswald, 26, is alleged to have repeatedly sexually assaulted the child after visiting the girl's family in mid-June.

The brother of the alleged victim is said to have also witnessed some of the incidents.

If convicted on all charges, Oswald could face the death penalty.

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  1. Marty Oswald (26yrs) is my biological brother...I'm his sister Melissa (32)...we were both sexually abused when we where children for many years...by a mexican man named Simon Gaza who was married to our mom Cherie...Simon was arrested and put in prison in Georgia...not sure where...we were to young to make us remember where he went. My brother spent most of his life off and on in mental hospitals since he was 4. He had been diagnosed with bipolor and borderline skitzo....he always refused to take his meds. When my brother was born he had spinalmenegitis....that cause a lot of mental issues....please by no means am I trying to defend what he did to my step cousin....he does know right from wrong...but never accepts it...so he never tells the truth, always lies just to try and save his own ass. He will say over and over that nothin is wrong with him mentaly. But when the law gets involved....then he will push his mental record to be involved, just to get him off. Our family does care and hope the best, but we will not condone what he did to our cousin...he has to face what he did on his own.


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