Wednesday, June 24, 2009

MySpace Contact Leads To Kidnapping And Rape Charges

Delaware--A 37-year-old Wilmington man has been arrested on kidnapping and rape charges after he allegedly used MySpace to lure a 14-year-old girl living in Pennsylvania into a sexual encounter.

David Hart, who went by "Dave" and claimed he was 22 on MySpace, is said initiated contact with the girl on or around December 27, 2008 through MySpace. After around 12 conversations, and some phone calls, the 37-year-old man talked the girl into meeting him.

Hart suggested that the girl skip school so he could pick her up at a bus stop located in Allentown, Pa. The girl told Hart that could be a problem as her 12-year-old brother was with her.

Nonetheless, the meeting took place, and Hart picked the two up at the bus stop and brought them back to his home in Delaware. Later, as the brother played video games at his home, Hart took the girl into another room and had sex with her.

After the 37-year-old was done doing what he wanted to do with child, he brought them both back to the Allentown bus station and quickly drove off.

Hart then allegedly called his cousin and asked him to delete his MySpace profile, "so that he wouldn’t get in trouble."

But it was too late. Later on, police learned of the activities and arrested Hart at his home.


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