Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nurse Kase Dilbeck Arrested On Rape Charges

Tennessee--A 21-year-old Parkridge Valley Hospital nurse has been arrested on statutory rape charges after she allegedly engaged in sexual activity a with a minor in the adolescent unit.

Kase Christine Dilbeck, of Dayton, is said to have befriended the unidentified patient sometime in 2008 after "caring" for him.

The investigation into Dilbeck is said to have begun after a photo of the two was discovered by a former patient.

She was released quickly after posting $5,000 bond.


  1. The picture WAS NOT discovered by a former patient. Kase had been bragging to the former patient about the relationship and sent the picture to the girl. She WAS NOT a nurse, she was a mental health technician. Not only did she abuse her position, but she took advantage of a KID! I've read multiple blogs about this, and one thing that angers me more than anything, is that people are not choosing to look at the fact that she was a staff member and he was and still is a kid, but more so looking at it as a 21yr old and a 16yr old; which I'm sorry, is still wrong on so many levels. As someone who knows both of the parties involved and having talked to her after the fact, I hope she gets put in jail and they throw away the key! She IS NOT sorry and never will be!

  2. We all know we have a one sided justice system.

    Face it, most guys would have been thrilled to be in his position and have her on top of "him" - especially 15 year olds!!

    This is how NUTS this society is, you better believe it. He was probably thrilled with the whole thing!

    All he's doing is causing this entire episode for his own financial benefit, "she raped me", nudge nudge...wink. All in the name of his depraved games.

  3. So in the US of A a 16 year old boy is considered old and wise enough to drive a 500 BHP car, shoot a semi-automatic gun, and in some states even marry, but you are not allowed to have sex with a 21 year old woman???

    Damn, I remember I was 15... I would have happily said yes if a 21 year old woman wanted to have sex with me...


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