Thursday, June 11, 2009

Operation Orange Tree Nets Arrests

Florida--A major child pornography sting lasting 10 weeks has resulted in the arrest of over 70 people.

Among those arrested in "Operation Orange Tree" were:

James Edward Martnick, 21, of Clermont.
Patrick Louis Melton, 16, of Tampa.
Kevin Patrick Meere, 24, of Valrico.

Apparently, I have already blogged about two other suspects arrested, Adrijk Jose Duran, 21, Clermont and Jason Mark Hussey, 39, of Minneola.

Their profiles are found here and here, respectively.

I suspect there may have been more posted here, but I'm just too darn lazy right now to check.


  1. Instead of going through all this technical mumbo jumbo, why not just shut down the internet sites that show and sell the stuff?
    Get to the big dogs and the little dogs will have no supply.
    Am I missing something here?

  2. But that would mean the police get less funding from the feds. Less arrests = less funding (money).

  3. It's a lot more complicated that that. For example, the individual's listed above were using a file sharing program rather than a single website.

    These investigators are way underfunded as well.


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