Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tyler Hayes Weinman Charged In Cat Killings

An 18-year-old Florida teenager has been arrested by police after being accused of killing and mutilating over a dozen cats.

Tyler Hayes Weinman, of Miami, is believed to have been involved in the deaths of at least 18 different area felines throughout the neighborhood, which reportedly lasted around four weeks.

One cat, Cami, was found with her eyes gouged out and her snout completely cut off.

Weinman, who was recently arrested for marijuana possession, has since been charged with 19 counts of felony animal cruelty and 4 counts of burglary.

Thanks to both John and Alison for the tips.


  1. If true, he's one sick little dude. I wonder how they treat cat killers in jail...

  2. With a name like Weinman, the little faggot is going to get beat down by white supremacists. Make no mistake, prisons are divided along racial lines.

  3. didn't Jeffrey Dahmer do the same kinds of things. Lock him up in a padded room and lose the key.

  4. Wienman? How does that name connote anything racial? So far as I can tell you might be alluding to his possible religious orientation, but surely you understand this has nothing to do with RACE, or 'racial lines.'


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