Monday, July 6, 2009

Police: Christopher Allgood Murdered Girlfriend, Daughter & Unidentified Man

A Texas man is in police custody after they say he shot and killed his girlfriend, their 2-year-old daughter and another man at an apartment in San Antonio.

Christopher Allgood, 30, of San Antonio, is alleged to have killed his girlfriend, Courtney Gass, 26, the couple's daughter, Anika, and another unidentified adult male.

All three were killed around 3 a.m on Sunday morning, say police.

Allgood, who was found in a parking lot holding an AK-47 assault rifle, is currently residing at the Bexar County Jail in lieu of $205,000 bond.

If charged and convicted with all 3 murders, he could face the death penalty.

Besides his above now deleted MySpace profile, Allgood also operated several other accounts for his struggling need to be identified as an artist.

One is band called, "Committee of Majority" and the other is as a solo artist, "X. Allgood".

Several other sites on the Internet maintained by Mr. Allgood can also be found by clicking any of the below:

Fizzgig Studios and Productions


  1. The unidentified man has been identified as Kevin Bones, also of Texas City, TX.

  2. yuck...what a disgusting picture of someone trying to be sexy.

  3. he better get what he deserves for taking away three amazing people..

  4. I hope this piece of shit got gang raped for Thanksgiving today. Rot in hell...


  6. Why is this even up? I think it's horrible "dead kids if myspace"!!

    Chris is just a loser, Alice in Chains, wanna-be who ruined the lifes of so many people. Courtney,Anika,& Kevin were all angels that he took away..

    I hope that this baby killer gets what he deserves. Oh how big this little man is with his gun... Screw him, I hope he gets capital murder for killing 3 innocent people, one of them being a 2 year old baby.

    ANTI-ALLGOOD all the way...


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