Sunday, July 19, 2009

Robert Mitchell Ervin Arrested In Murder Of Pregnant Woman

"She was a fixture of the neighborhood," says neighbor:

A 15-year-old Maryland teen has been arrested and charged with the rape and murder of a 26-year-old pregnant woman.

Police say, Robert Mitchell Ervin, of Elkton, has confessed over the weekend to the brutal murder of Jennifer Thompson after she allegedly asked him to leave her apartment.

The teen is accused of slashing Thompson's throat several times, leaving her to die in a pool of blood as the running water from her bathroom ultimately alerted the floor below.

Ervin has been since charged with first-degree murder, rape and assault.


  1. You dirt bag POS.. Rot in prison..hopefully they strap your a$$ down on a guirney and they give you a lethal dose of posion so your eyes roll back in your head.. Burn in Hell..

  2. I was Jennifer Thompson's best friend. I'm just finding out about the incident because I stay in DC. I never thought in a million years that someone will hurt her. I hope you burn in hell and you never know when you will get your pay back.

  3. holy crap. i went to school with this kid.

  4. Sad thing is Maryland will more than likely let him out in 10 or so years due to his age. Maryland is such a sad state when it comes to justice for the victims and their families!

  5. I used to hang out with him. Me and some friends. He was a fun dude.. But wow why in hell would he do this.

  6. I played football with him, definitely had anger issues I remember hearing about the story just crazy

  7. I Went to middle school with Robert. Played baseball with him. I remember my mom would talk to his dad at games sometimes. His dad was real cool. Its a shame he didn't leave the situation and someone got him help


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