Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Police Arrest YMCA Worker Matthew O'Dell In MySpace Rape Case

Missouri--A 26-year-old former YMCA camp director has been arrested after police say he tried to rape a 15-year-old that he had met using MySpace.

Matthew O'Dell is alleged to have befriended the boy on the site in which he masqueraded as a girl named "Hannah". Over time, the two began to chat online and then proceeded to exchange text messages with each other.

The fake girl "Hannah" told the unidentified victim that "she" was using the cell phone belonging to a Matthew O'Dell, a worker at Camp Wakonda.

Later, the boy told a detective that O'Dell had contacted him and personally invited him to spend the night at the camp so he could meet his cousin "Hannah". Unforuatnely, the boy ultimately agreed.

Naturally, after arriving at the camp, O'Dell informed the boy that the girl wasn't able to attend the camp that night but he could still visit her if he would spend the night at the camp and then at a local hotel with him.

It was there that alleged assault occurred.

O'Dell has been charged with second-degree statutory sodomy.

UPDATE: More possible victims emerging.


  1. I knew the guy, and was friends with "Hannah" on myspace. fuck

  2. I think it's sad that someone that claimed to care so much for children did what he did. It's sad to think of all the children he's had contact with through his tutoring, big brothers, and Casa...as well as the camp. He's sick and he shouldn't be allowed out. I feel horrible for his girlfriend and what she must be going through. I knew him and I knew something was wrong but I couldn't tell exactly what it was. But I had a gut feeling something wasn't right. I wish I had been wrong

  3. A lot of people wondered, we just gave the benefit of a doubt, I regret that now especially seeing more kids coming into the investigation. He'll get what he deserves, he took advantage of kids in a tough place in life and that's what sickens me the most.

  4. It sucks, that I used to claim Matt as my friend... He had us ALL fooled.. I feel so disgusted knowing that he was doing all of this behind our backs. I can't believe that he even did this, and it is disgusting. I feel bad for the kids involved in this.. They NEVER deserved any of this, and I hope to God, that Matt gets what he deserves. Lies and deceit aren't going to help him out at all.. I am disgusted to admit that he used to be my friend.... =X

  5. the fact that makes me angry is God knows how many children he's done this to. he was someone that I knew on a daily basis but always thought something was off with him. He was always so cocky and rude and always thought he was better than everyone else. I guess he thought he was so good he'd get away with it forever. Sick, disgusting twisted minded pervert that preyed on children. He deserves the max. I;'m sorry but he does. To know the lies and the pain he's caused so many at the cost of hiding behind good places like the YMCA and CASA and Big brothers. its about time someone stopped him. Good to the boy that stood tall and said NO!

  6. It is disgusting to know that i went to camp with him as a counselor, my friends were in his cabin. That is awful, and disgusting and unbelievable. Some people in this world are so messed up, its sad.

  7. Because he was new to CASA, and CASAs are never left unattended with the children they advocate for, I feel certain that nothing happened with that child. This is such sad news. My heart goes out to his victims, his family, his amazing *former* fiance, and to all of those (like myself) who once called Matt a friend.

  8. I was a camper at a camp he worked for and became a counselor in the cabin that he was in when he was at that camp and its scary for me to think that some of the boys that were entrusted into my care could have been in his instead.


    This man deserves everything coming to him. He's sick and to be out on bail and still disobey the rules set forth to him is a disrespect for our government and his disregard for any or all of the victims. He doesn't care....he's just going to keep doing this over and over again. He needs to be locked up so no one else suffers.

  10. Matt I don't understand why you would do this to innocent children. being an advocate and involved with them the way you were only to steal from them what little security they did gain. There were so many times that I had a gut feeling something was off with you. But no one wants to believe that a person could do this. There is no reason that I can see that you should be aloowed out. You always acted like you were better than everyone. That you could just do whatever, why would that change now? laws or no laws they mean nothing to you. I pray you find a better path, that you take this seriously and own up to all the damage you've done, so maybe all the people you've hurt can start to heal.

  11. I meant to a camp in Maine where he was a counselor there, back like 5 yrs ago. i always knew there was something alittle weird about him, I figured he was just gay but never would have guessed this. glad he was never my cabin counselor.

  12. I went to school with Matt, grew up knowing him and his family, and even considered him a great friend, that was until I found out about who he truly was. He was always nice to me, but I'm a girl, so I guess I was safe. As for all the lives he's hurt and the damage he has caused to all involved, I'm so sorry for what happened to you victims. As for Matt, I pray for him, but am glad he's gotten what was coming to him... And to his family, I'm so sorry too because he hurt them as well.


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